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Your challenges


Teach&Learn_Icons_Challenges_1_Programming tool

Design attractive and flexible curriculums according to the potential, progress and ability of each learner



Teach&Learn_Icons_Challenges_3_Insight generator

Reinforce learning of STEM knowledge and innovative technologies to create future workforces



Teach&Learn_Icons_Challenges_3_Advanced development platform

Strengthen academic competencies and expand research possibilities in finding a robust, feature-rich and advanced platform


Teach&Learn_Icons_Challenges_4_Optimized teaching-aid tool

Establish an effective learning approach for special education, promoting inclusivity in the classrooms.

Our Solutions

Teach&Learn_Icons_Solutions_1_Teaching Assistant Effective teaching channel
Pepper and NAO are the perfect assistant for educators. Allow customized teaching activities on either a one-to-one basis or in small groups, to challenge students & promote positive behaviour, and finally to follow and monitor their progress.

Teach&Learn_Icons_Solutions_2_Research platform Innovative learning tool
Introduce new & attractive pedagogical topics and apply PBL (Project-Based Learning) approaches, equipping students with required skills to be succeed in a knowledge-based, highly technological society, developing their competencies and potentials on problem solving, analytics skills and exploring the extension of robotics

Teach&Learn_Icons_Challenges_3_Advanced development platform Advanced development platform
Our robots are fully programmable and open platforms, with various functional components (sensors, motors, etc.). They connect and integrate local and cloud- based services & APIs: enabling the application of different AI capacities, allowing the development of robotics innovation through data science & controllable mechanical robot-body parts.

Teach&Learn_Icons_Solutions_4_Effective solutions to inclusive education Special education
Implement effective inclusive practices, promote education for students with disabilities such as autism, emotional and behavioural disorders. Pepper and NAO easily create empathetic link with kids, inspire and drive them for physical and intellectual exercises, develop social & emotional skills.



Teach&Learn_Icons_Benefits_1_Effective solution to inclusive education 

Improve students’ motivation to learn, optimise learning productivity, attain a greater creativity



Valorise teachers’ expertise and leverage the quality of educational programs to a high proficiency level



Strengthen and deepen the academic capacities & possibilities in robotics and data science



Succeed in promoting inclusivity, improving students’ social skills, self-esteem and positive peer interactions

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