2. Daily Use

NAO Turn ON gif

Turning NAO ON

Make sure NAO is on a flat surface, with enough space to move around. 
danger when picking NAO Put NAO in Safe Posture before turning it ON.  

Press the Chest Button once to turn ON NAO.

danger when picking NAO Do not touch NAO while it is turning ON, it might cause errors.

The boot process is completed when NAO says "Ognak Gnuk". 

NAO turn OFF gif


Turning NAO OFF

Press and hold the Chest Button until NAO says "Gnuk Gnuk" (around 3 seconds).

NAO goes to crouch posture.

The shutdown process is completed when all the LEDs are off. 

NAO Rest mode gif

Rest Mode

Making NAO go to Rest Mode will:

  • Stop the Autonomous Life,
  • Turn OFF the motors,
  • Exit an application,
  • Put NAO in Crouch Posture (see Safe Postures). 
  • Allow you to pick up NAO and manually change its posture. 

To make NAO go to Rest, just press the Chest Button twice. 
To wake up NAO, just press the Chest Button twice again. 

warning Be careful, do not force on NAO's arms and legs or push against the motors when NAO is NOT in Rest mode, because it will damage them. 

    NAO Charging

    Charging NAO

    To optimize battery life:

    • Fully charge it before first use,
    • Fully charge it once a month, even during long time storage,
    • Fully charge it immediately after an automatic shut down. 

    It is very important to follow this recommandation, otherwise the battery may become unusable. More information on the Battery Charger Guide

    Charging time: 2h for 100%.
    Battery life: 45min to 2h, depending on use. 

    Battery Charger LEDs meaning: 

    charger leds

    NAO handling

    Handling NAO

    Holding NAO by the waist is the best way to handle the robot and avoid pinching. 
    It is easier to handle NAO when motors are OFF (when NAO is in Rest mode or when NAO is OFF). 

    danger Be careful when picking up NAO: do not place your hands and fingers near the joints or between the limbs, you could be pinched. 
    Do not pull NAO by the head, the arms, or the legs, otherwise you might damage the joints. NAO's fingers are fragile, do not pull on them, they might come off. 

    NAO warning at the edge of a table

    Choosing location

    • NAO is designed for indoor use only.
    • Keep NAO away from radiators or other heat sources.
    • Do not operate NAO if non-condensed humidity is above 80%.
    • Do not expose NAO to dust, sand, moisture, or excessive saline atmosphere (e.g. coastal environment).

            location indoor  location heat  location humidity  location atmosphere

    • Do not place NAO at the edge of a table: NAO does not see where the table ends. 
    • Ensure there are no slope or stairs around NAO.
    • Ensure NAO is on a smooth and flat surface.
      Avoid carpets or rugs.