3. Interactions

nao interaction zone


sound NAO should be placed in a quiet zone for best voice recognition. 

light icon Make sure there is no bright light or direct sunlight in NAO's face to avoid it being distracted. 


Talking with NAO

Before talking to NAO:

info NAO is not able to talk unless the appropriate application is installed.

To make sure NAO is listening, ensure NAO is looking at you when you talk and that the eyes LEDs are blue. 
If NAO is not looking at you, try calling the robot's name to get attention. 

NAO talking photo

You can apply the following tips to improve your communication:

  • Image removed. NAO's hearing area is narrow.
    - Keep eye-contact when interacting with NAO.
    - Stay in front of NAO.
  • Image removed. NAO is listening when:
    - Eyes LEDs are blue,
  • Image removed. Speech recommendations: 
    - Do not speak at the same time,
    - Use short sentences,
    - Do not speak too fast,
    - Do not be shy, speak loud and clear! 


Autonomous Life

What is it?

Autonomous Life is the key element that makes NAO alive and responsive. It needs to be combined with the Basic Channel to be fully effective. 

By default when you receive NAO, the Autonomous Life is installed and turned on.
NAO seems alive, he moves slightly and seems waiting for something. 
information Without the Basic Channel, NAO can’t understand you or talk to you.
If you combine Autonomous life with Basic Channel, NAO becomes alive and responsive. 
NAO orientates its head towards human, he is able to react to basic stimuli such as sounds, movements, tactile contacts, etc. 

NAO Press button

How to deactivate Autonomous Life?

If you need NAO to stay still and motionless, for instance to test a new program or to study a very specific skill of your robot, you can disable Autonomous Life. 

To activate/deactivate autonomous life, press the Chest Button twice. NAO will go to safe posture and stay still.  

Default settings: In Robot Settings, in the Settings section you can choose the default mode of Autonomous life.


NAO Notification GIF

A Notification is a combined Chest Button LED indication and a spoken message. 
There is a Notification if the Chest Button blinks, whom importance is defined by the colour. 

  • Green: Information
  • Yellow: Warning
  • Red: Error

Press the Chest Button once to hear the message. 

info Make sure NAO's volume is high enough. Refer to the How do I change the volume of my robot? article to find out how.