4. Follow the Getting Started Wizard


  1. Plug the Battery Charger into the Robot.
  2. Turn the Robot ON
  3. Connect your Robot to the same Internet network as your computer.
    info ethernet For the first connection, you need to plug an Ethernet cable at the back of NAO's head (as shown here) to set the connection.
  4. Press the Robot's Chest Button to hear its IP address
  5. On your computer, launch Robot Settings
  6. Type in the IP address of the Robot in "Host/IP" field and press "Enter" on your computer keyboard. 
    info ethernet Avoid clicking "Open Robot list" in the top right corner as it only displays Robots that are already set up and connected to the network.
  7. The Getting Started Wizard starts automatically.

    Follow the instructions to complete the first configuration of your NAO. 



  1. Select the language you want for the Getting Started Wizard.
    Click the right arrow. 
    info ethernet This choice defines the first language your NAO will speak. 
    The first language of the Robot can be English, Japanese and Chinese. 
    If you choose another language than English, Japanese and Chinese, the first spoken language will be English (by default). 
    You will be able to change the first language of your Robot afterwards in the Settings, as well as adding a second language: check the Robot Language article.
  2. Read the End User Licence Agreements and check mark to agree.
    Click the right arrow.
  3. Select your Wifi network from the list and type in the password.
    danger You must set the Wifi at this stage if you intend to use NAO without Ethernet once the first configuration is done. Keep the Ethernet cable connected until the whole process is finished. 
    Click the right arrow. 
  4. Select the time zone of the Robot.  
    info ethernet Note that the time zone of NAO must be the same as the time zone of the Wifi/Ethernet network NAO is connected to. 
    Click the right arrow.
  5. Set the password of NAO.
    The password is needed to access some services or operations, such as the Factory Reset of the Robot.
    Click the right arrow. 
  6. Log in with your Softbank Robotics account to link your account to your Robot on the Applications Store
    This allows you to install applications, as well as manage your Robot's content. 
    Click the right arrow.
  7. Read the Diagnostic & Improvement section.
    info ethernet Your agreement is essential for our Support Team to assist you in the best way possible. 
    Check mark the agreement box if you agree, then click the right arrow.
  8. If a new NAOqi version is available, it will appear here.
    Click "Upgrade now", or click the right arrow.
  9. If you have applications to update, they will appear here.
    Click "Update all", or click the right arrow.
  10. You're almost done!
    If you selected a language for the Getting Started Wizard which is not English, Japanese or Chinese, you will see a message asking you to switch back to english to finish the process.  
    info ethernet You will be able to change the first language of your Robot afterwards in the Settings, as well as adding a second language: check the Robot Language article.
    Language error
  11. Tap "Start!"

The Getting Started Wizard is completed!

info ethernet You can now remove the Ethernet cable from NAO. Your Robot is now connected to the network via Wifi only, and its IP address has changed. Check the new IP address if you want to connect to Robot Settings again.