5. Basic Channel

What is it ? 

Basic Channel is a set of applications that includes dialogs, sounds and safety features (Fall recovery, Push recovered, Stay relaxed). The variety of dialogs enrich the interactions with the Robot: it allows you to ask the Robot basic questions and receive answers. 
Basic Channel also enables you to launch applications using voice control. 
Basic Channel is available in 6 languages: English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and German.

info Basic Channel detects the default language of the Robot and sets the language of the applications of Basic Channel accordingly.

How Does It Work ?

When NAO is in Autonomous Life and ready to interact, talk to NAO, ask questions or start an application with the application launcher.

Launching an Application ?

Basic Channel’s application launcher operates with trigger words.

info A trigger word is a word that is linked to an action or an answer.

Trigger sentences work in the same way, using sentences instead of words.

There are two ways of launching an application with trigger words: 
- Use the trigger word "launch", followed by the name of the application. 
- Use a trigger sentence such as “Introduce yourself”.

If the language of the Robot is not supported by the Basic Channel, trigger sentences can still be used to launch applications.

What can I say to NAO ? 

You can find the list of all the dialogs of the Basic Channel in this article What can I say to NAO (Developer Center website).