5. Settings

Softbank Robotics account

A SoftBank Robotics account is essential to configure a Robot and to access the SoftBank Robotics Cloud services. 
One of the main Cloud service is the Applications Store: it allows a customer to choose applications for their Robot(s) and manage their Robot(s) content.
You also need a Softbank Robotics account to update the NAOqi version, make a factory reset, change settings such as language, robot’s name, etc. 

sbr account

Creating a SoftBank Robotics account

  1. On your computer, go the the SoftBank Robotics account connection page.
  2. Click "Create Account".
  3. Fill in the form and click "Create".

Your account is now created ! You are logged in and you will be redirected to your account settings. 


Robot Settings

Robot Settings is the essential Desktop application that allows you to:

  • Launch the Getting Started Wizard (Robot initial configuration),
  • Set the sound level of the Robot and check its Battery status
  • Install or update applications
  • Connect to a Wifi network, and get the Robot Mac address
  • Select the language and time zone of the robot
  • Factory Reset the Robot

Installing Robot Settings

  1. Download the Robot Settings software from the Download section.
  2. Launch the Robot Settings Setup Wizard.
  3. Click Next and choose the directory where you want to install Robot Settings.
  4. Select “Bonjour”, a component needed to connect Robot Settings to the Robot.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Read and follow the instructions then click Next.
  7. Robot Settings is ready to be installed. Click Install and wait until the installation process is completed.
  8. Click Finish.

Robot Settings is ready to be used.

Connecting your NAO to Robot Settings 

info robot settings Your NAO must be connected to the same network as your computer.

When launching Robot Settings, you are prompted to select a Robot in your network.
There are two ways to connect a Robot to Robot Settings:

  • Recommended: Fill in the "IP Address" field with the IP Address of your Robot (1).
    info robot settings To get the IP adress of your robot, just press once the Chest Button and NAO will tell you. 
  • Select your Robot using the "Open robot list" button (2)
    "Open robot list" will show the list of all the Robots connected to the same network you are connected to. Simply select your Robot in the list.
Robot settings conenction page


Once you are connected to your robot, the "My Robot" page opens. 
On the top bar, you will find: the name of the Robot (1), the IP address of the Robot (2), the button to disconnect the Robot (3). Below the top bar, there are four navigation buttons:  My Robot (4), Networks Settings (5), Update Your Applications (6), Advanced Settings (7).

robot settings my robot page




You can connect NAO to your computer using an Ethernet or Wifi connection:

  • Ethernet connection is mandatory for the initial settings.
  • Wifi connection is highly recommended as soons as NAO starts moving. 

danger Make sure NAO is not connected with an Ethernet cable while executing movements which could pull the wire and damage the port. 

In Robot Settings, the "Network settings" tab allows you to set the connection to the network.

You will first need to plug an Ethernet Cable at the back of NAO's head as shown, to set the Wifi connection for the first time. Then you can connect to the Wifi without any cable. 

ethernet connection NAO



Robot language

By default, NAO can speak two languages:

  • One of the pre-installed languages that you have chosen during the Getting Started Wizard: English, Japanese or Chinese.
  • The second language that you can install afterwards. 

Installing the second language (1/2)

screenshot command center choosing language
  1. Sign in Command Center.
  2. Click on My Missions. 
  3. Search the language you want in the list of applications.
    info You can type the word "language" in the search bar to narrow the research. 
  4. Hover your mouse over the application line and click on Deploy on robots. 
  5. In the search bar, enter the robot's nickname, or his Body ID, group or location. 
  6. Select the robot by clicking on it.
  7. Click on Add selected robots.

The application is now associated to your robot.
Proceed to the next step to finish the installation process.

Installing the second language (2/2)

To finish the installation process, you need to launch Robot Settings on your computer. 
Make sure your Robot and your computer are connected to the same network and that your computer is connected to Internet. 

screenshot robot settings update applications
  1. Open Robot Settings and connect your Robot (either with its IP address or with the "Open robot list" button).
  2. Open the "Update Your Applications" menu. 
  3. Click "Update all" to download and install the application on your Robot.

info To check if the language is correctly installed, wait for the Chest Button to blink green and listen to the Robot's Notification:
NAO will say the name of the application and its state (installed/updated).

Fallback language

The default or "native" language is English. 
It means that if for any technical reason NAO is not able to find a word or a sentence in the current language, NAO will automatically switch to English.

Preferred Language

You can define a language as his preferred in Robot Settings

Getting the list of installed languages

  • Ask NAO "What languages do you speak?" (only if Basic Channel is installed)
  • Check the list in "Advanced Settings" of Robot Settings

Ordering additional languages

It is possible to order two additional languages among the supported languages
To do so, you can contact your local Sales Representative or the Customer Support