6. Packaging and storing


  1. Open the box.
  2. Keep the packaging and documentation. You might need it later.
  3. Carefully pull each foot out of the casing. 
  4. Slide your hands around the waist, and carefully lift NAO out.
    Danger finger Fingers are fragile, do not pull on them.
  5. Put NAO on crouch or sitting posture. 

Image removed. Do not place NAO at the edge of a table.
If NAO falls from this height, it will get damaged and you may void your warranty. 

NAO Unboxing


  1. Make sure NAO's hands are closed.
    info finger nao NAO will close its hands when turning OFF. 
  2. For long time storage, remove the Battery. Do not place it in the box.
    info finger nao You will need to charge the battery on a regular basis to increase its durability during storage. 
  3. Put NAO on crouch posture, and place one of your hand on the back and the other under the feet.
  4. Slowly lift him. 
  5. Place NAO in its casing, starting with the head. 
  6. Press each limb to make sure everything is correctly inserted in the casing. 
  7. Danger finger Be really careful with the hand positioning. Refer to the video below.
  8. Place the top casing on top of NAO, slowly, then close the box.
    Danger finger DO NOT force the top casing insertion. If it does not fit, remove it and check the hand positioning again. 

Cleaning and Storage


Make sure NAO is turned OFF and unplugged.

  • Clean and disinfect your robot using alcohol (such as Isopropyl) based disinfectant wipes.
  • Do not use water. Do not get NAO wet and never handle the robot with wet hands.
  • Do not use ammonia-based products.
  • Do not oil the joints. 


You must use the orignal box and packaging to store NAO.
Follow the Reboxing procedure above, as well as the following instructions regarding the Battery.

  • Remove the Battery.
  • Do not place it in the box.
  • You must fully charge the Battery once every 3 months to keep it usable (check the Battery Charger guide for more information). 
    info You can charge the Battery even when it is not inserted in NAO. 
Change Battery gif
How to remove the Battery or put it back in?