7. Safety / Advanced operations

NAO Special Turn ON GIF

Special Start-up

When NAO is OFF, you can press and hold the Chest Button until the Chest Button LEDs become blue (~5 seconds) to perform a special start-up. 

This will reinstall all the robot firmwares. You can use this to try solve some errors. 

This process takes long (~15 minutes), and you should not need to do this on a regular basis. 

info Make sure you plug your Battery Charger to NAO, so the process is not interrupted.

The process is complete when NAO wakes up and says "Ognak Gnuk".

Factory Reset

What is it? 

The Factory Reset operation resets the robot to its factory settings by:

  • removing the User Data and the system partition that are on the robot,
  • reinstalling the NAOqi OS on the robot. 

Procedure (Robot Settings)

danger This operation will definitly remove the user data from the robot. You will not be able to retrieve those informations. 

  1. Turn the Robot ON.
  2. On your computer, launch Robot Settings.
  3. Type in the IP address of your Robot (recommended) or use the "Open robot list" button to establish the connection to your Robot.
  4. Click the Advanced Settings icon ("gear" icon).
  5. Click the "Factory Reset" button.
  6. Enter your SoftBank Robotics account password.
  7. Read the instructions and click the right arrow.
  8. Click "Factory reset now". Make sure the Battery Charger is plugged to the Robot to avoid the Factory Reset process being interrupted. 
  9. Click "Start factory reset". The Factory Reset process automatically starts. This step may take a few minutes, depending on the download speed.
  10. To complete the Factory Reset, the Robot needs to restart: click "OK".

When the Factory Reset is completed, the Robot stands up and the Chest Button LED blinks green.

To check that the Factory Reset has been properly done, press the Chest Button once to hear NAO’s notification.
The Robot says: "I have successfully updated my system, I am now running version XXXX. I have successfully completed my factory reset, all my data and settings have been reset ."

You will then need to follow the Getting Started Wizard again. 

NAO Forced Turn OFF GIF

Forced Turn OFF

Use this only if the normal turn OFF does not work. 
The Forced Turn OFF is not recommended in normal use. 

  1. danger Hold NAO carefully because the motors will turn OFF and NAO might fall. 
    danger Do not place your fingers near the joints, you could get pinched. 
  2. Press and hold the Chest Button until NAO turns OFF (~8 seconds).



Safe Postures

In Safe Posture, NAO is stable, its motors and joints are safe. 

There are two Safe Postures for NAO : crouch or sitting.

NAO will go in Safe Posture (crouch) when:

You should always have NAO is Safe Posture when:

  • You Turn ON NAO,
  • You want NAO to be still,
  • You don't use NAO. 
NAO Crouch posture
Crouch Posture
NAO Sitting posture
Sitting posture


Before contacting Support

info If your question is related to development, applications, etc., make sure you check Developer Center first, you might find an answer there. 

In order to help you better, please check the following list before contacting support:

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