Pepper NAOqi 2.9

2. Daily Use

PRess once Pepper Chest Button

Turning Pepper ON

Before turning Pepper ON, ensure:

  • the location is appropriate,
  • the Stop Button is unlocked,
  • the Pins are removed and stored in their respective location, behind the neck soft cover,
  • the Charging Flap is closed (not mandatory but recommended). 

Press the Chest Button once to turn Pepper ON. 

Pepper will be ready once he has checked its surroundings and said "Ognak Gnuk". 

If this is the first time you turn Pepper ON, you need to follow the Getting Started Wizard on the tablet. 

Once the configuration is done, Pepper is ready to use! 

Pepper Robot Chest Button Press 4 sec

Turning Pepper OFF

Normal Turn OFF

Hold the Chest Button until you hear the sound "Gnuk Gnuk" (~4 seconds).

Pepper says "Gnuk Gnuk", Shoulder LEDs slowly blink in white, and Ear LEDs fade OFF. Then Pepper goes to Safe Posture

Forced Switch OFF

warning emergency turn off Forced switch OFF is not recommended in normal use. 

Use this if Pepper does not turn OFF normally. 

  1. warning emergency turn off Make sure there is enough space around Pepper because the motors will switch OFF suddenly and the arms will fall freely. 
  2. Press and hold the Chest Button until Pepper turns OFF (~8 seconds). 


Pepper Rest mode

Rest & Sleep modes

Rest mode (recommended)

In Rest Mode, all activities are stopped, Pepper goes to Safe posture and all motors are turned off: Pepper will not speak or move.

Press the Chest Button twice quickly to enter or exit the Rest Mode. 

Sleep mode

In Sleep mode, all activities are stopped, Pepper goes to Safe posture but the motors are not completely turned OFF. Pepper will not speak but it keeps certains reflexes. 

Place your hand on the top camera, fingers on the top Head tactile sensor for 3 seconds to make Pepper go to sleep. Eyes and Shoulders LEDs are purple. 
To awake Pepper, just touch the Head tactile sensor. 

Pepper robot sleep mode

Charging Pepper

You can charge Pepper using either the Battery Charger or the Charging Station.

Pepper charging

Charging Pepper using the Battery Charger

Remove the plastic film from the Battery Charger before using it. 

Charging time: ~4h for 80% / ~8h for full charge
Battery life 7~20h, depending on use. 

Keep the Battery Charger away from heat sources and liquids. 


Please note there are two different Battery Chargers. The LEDs behaviour varies
with the Battery Charger model. You can find out the model of the Battery Charger on
the sticker.

battery charger


For more information, check the Battery Charger Guide in the Download section


Charging Pepper using the Charging Station

The Charging Station is an extension of the Battery Charger. Instead of manually using the Battery Charger every time you want to charge Pepper, it allows Pepper to take care of its battery on its own.

You need to install and configure the Autonomous Recharge application to use the Charging Station, as described below.


Settings page

Once you installed the Autonomous Recharge application:

  1. Go to the Autonomous Recharge application. The Settings page opens.
  2. Activate the Autonomous Recharge.
  3. Set the options you want to use (see below). 







A. Activate Quiet Mode

If activated, no dialog is played when Pepper goes to or leaves the Charging Station, but sounds are still played.

B. Set Battery Level

Set the lowest battery percentage at which Pepper should go to the Charging Station to recharge itself, and the highest battery percentage at which Pepper should leave the Charging Station.



Working schedules

C. Set Working Schedules

If activated, you can set the time during which Pepper is to be working. Pepper leaves the Charging Station during the scheduled working time you set, and then goes back to the Charging Station at the end of it.

1. Click Manage Working Schedules. The list of existing working schedules appears.

2. Click the Add schedule icon to add a new schedule.

3. Choose the days and the time slot during which Pepper will work.

Save schedule

4. Optional. Activate Standby Mode to make Pepper go on stanby mode when it is on the Charging Station.

5. Click Save Schedule.





Ask manually


D. Manually ask Pepper to leave or to go to the Charging Station

You can manually make Pepper go to the Charging Station or leave it, cliking this button whenever you want.


info When Battery Level and Working Schedules are both activated at the same time:

  • If Pepper is within its working time slot but its battery percentage is under the lowest battery percentage you set, Pepper will go on the Charging Station until it reaches a sufficient battery percentage to work.
  • If Pepper is within its charging  time slot, it will remain on the Charging Station even if its battery percentage is at the highest battery percentage you set.



Pepper pins


What is it?

The Pins are two special keys stored in the Neck Soft Cover of Pepper. One goes in the Knee, the other in the Hip. 
Inserting the Pins will release the brakes, allowing you to manually change Pepper's posture.

Only insert the Pins when:

  • cleaning Pepper.
  • reboxing Pepper.
  • putting Pepper in Safe Posture.

danger Do not insert the Pins when Pepper is ON.
Pins inserted = Knee and hip joint move freely
Pins removed = Knee and hip joints are locked

Storing the Pins

danger Don’t forget to store the Pins after use.

Pepper moving

Moving Pepper

  1. Make sure Pepper is in Safe Posture.
  2. Open the Charging Flap to prevent the wheels from locking.
  3. Place one hand on the shoulder and the other on the hip.
  4. Carefully roll Pepper to his new location.

info Ensure the new location complies with Pepper’s use conditions (see "Choosing location" below).


Choosing location

  • Ensure Pepper is on a smooth and flat surface.
    Avoid carpets or rugs.
  • Ensure there is at least 90 cm (~35.4 inches) around Pepper.
  • Ensure there are no slope or stairs around Pepper.
Pepper robot location
  • Pepper is designed for indoor use only. Do not use the robot outside.
  • Pepper’s operating humidity range must not exceed 80%.
  • Keep Pepper away from radiators or other heat sources.