Pepper NAOqi 2.9

3. Interactions


Pepper understands its environment. 

  • Microphone: on the top of the head
  • Cameras: 2D and 3D stereovision, in eyes, mouth and forehead
Pepper detection


  • Environment sensors: lasers, infrared sensor, sonars. 
  • Bumpers: three bumpers push-button sensors.
Pepper base



Talking with Pepper

Before talking wih Pepper:

info Pepper is not able to talk unless the appropriate application is installed. 

Pepper talking

To make sure Pepper is listening, ensure the Shoulder LEDs are blue. 
If Pepper is not looking at you, try calling the robot's name to get attention. 

You can apply the following tips to improve your communication:

  • hear Pepper’s hearing area is narrow.
    - Keep eye-contact when interacting with Pepper.
    - Stay in front of Pepper.
  • eye Pepper is listening when:
    - Shoulder LEDs are blue,
    - Blue line on the tablet.
  • bubble speach Speech recommendations: 
    - Do not speak at the same time,
    - Use short sentences,
    - Do not speak too fast,
    - Do not be shy, speak loud and clear! 
Pepper notification


A Notification is a combined Shoulder LEDs indication and a spoken message. 
There is a Notification if the Shoulder LEDs blinks, whom importance is defined by the colour. 

  • Green: Information
  • Yellow: Warning
  • Red: Error

Press the Chest Button once to hear the message. 

Image removed. Make sure Pepper's volume is high enough. Refer to the How do I change the volume of my robot? article to find out how. 

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