Pepper NAOqi 2.9

4. Applications and NAOqi

Updating NAOqi

Whenever there is a new NAOqi version for your robot, you will get a notification on the tablet to inform you that an update is available.
Follow the procedure below to perform the NAOqi update.  

    info  NAOqi is the Operating System of the robot.

    What you will need

    • SoftBank Robotics account and password,
    • Pepper Robot,
    • Battery Charger,


    To avoid the process being interrupted, keep the Robot charging while performing the update. 

    All user data on the robot and on the tablet will be kept after the update.

    1. Tap the six dots icon six dot icon.
    2. Tap the Settings icon.
    3. Tab Update system/robot apps.
    4. Tap Update robot system.
      Image removed. Your robot's charger must be plugged in or your robot must have more than 80% of battery.
    5. Tab DOWNLOAD to update your robot system (NAOqi).
    7. When the robot's tablet displays "Update robot system / Update completed", tap the screen and wait until the robot wakes up.
    8. Now both shoulders are blinking green, press once the chest button to get the robot's notification.

    Image removed. If the update is succesfull, Pepper will tell you:
    "Hello I'm Pepper, my internet address is XX.XX.XX.XX. I successfully updated my system, I'm now in version XX.XX.XX."


    Installing an application

    Command Center is the new online user interface to install applications for NAOqi 2.9, and manage your robots or users.

    Command Center

    If you want access to Command Center, please contact Support

    1. Deploying an application on your robot (computer)

    1. Sign in Command Center.
    2. Click on My Missions. 
    3. Search the application in the list or enter the application's name in the search bar. 
    4. Hover your mouse over the application line and click on Deploy on robots. 
    5. In the search bar, enter the robot's nickname, or his Body ID, group or location. 
    6. Select the robot by clicking on it.
    7. Click on Add selected robots.

    The application is now deployed on your robot.

    Command Center screenshot

    2. Checking if the application has been correctly deployed on your robot (computer)

    1. Click on My Robots.
    2. Search the robot in the list or use the search bar: enter the robot's nickname, or his Body ID, group or location. 
    3. Select the robot by clicking on it.
    4. In the section Missions, the application now appears.

    The application has been correctly deployed on your robot. 

    Tablet Pepper screenshot

    3. Installing the application previously deployed (Tablet)

    1. Tap the six dots icon six dot icon
    2. Tap the SBR Applications Updater icon.
    3. Tap UPDATE.

    Pepper will now install the application. 

    developer center homepage

    Are you a developper?

    Do you want to learn how to develop cool applications for your robots ? 

    You will find anything you need on our Developer Center website. 

    Have fun !

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