Pepper NAOqi 2.9

5. Settings

SoftBank Robotics account

A SoftBank Robotics account is essential to configure a Robot and to access the SoftBank Robotics Cloud services. 

sbr account


Creating a SoftBank Robotics account

  1. On your computer, go the the SoftBank Robotics account connection page.
  2. Click "Create Account".
  3. Fill in the form and click "Create".

Your account is now created ! You are logged in and you will be redirected to your account settings. 



To access the Wifi settings, it is important you go through the Android Settings of the Tablet.

  1. On Pepper's tablet, tap the six dot icon to open the Android menu.
    Tablet menu
  2. Tap the Settings icon to open the Android Settings.
    Tablet settings menu
  3. Tap the Wifi icon wifi icon and set the Wifi from there.

danger wifi  Do not change the Wifi Settings through the "Advanced Settings" menu, or you may face issues like:

  • Head/Tablet not a on same network
  • Head/Tablet not connected
  • Your application might not be fully operational

Robot language

By default, Pepper can speak two languages:

  • One of the pre-installed languages that you have chosen during the Getting Started Wizard: English, Japanese or Chinese.
  • The second language that you can install afterwards via the Command Center

info Only the first two languages are free.

Installing the second language (1/2)

Command Center screenshot choosing language
  1. Sign in Command Center.
  2. Click on My Missions. 
  3. Search the language you want in the list of applications.
    info You can type the word "language" in the search bar to narrow the research. 
  4. Hover your mouse over the application line and click on Deploy on robots. 
  5. In the search bar, enter the robot's nickname, or his Body ID, group or location. 
  6. Select the robot by clicking on it.
  7. Click on Add selected robots.

The application is now associated to your robot.
Proceed to the next step to finish the installation process.

Installing the second language (2/2)

  1. On the tablet, tap the six dots icon six dot icon.
  2. Tap the Settings icon.
  3. Tab "Update system/robot apps".
  4. The Application Store notifies that "There is an application to be updated".
    Tap "Update all robot apps".
    Pepper downloads and installs the language.

info To check if the language has been correctly installed, wait for both Shoulders LEDs to blink green and listen to the Robot's Notification.
Pepper will say: "Hello I'm Pepper. My Internet address is [...] I have installed [application name]."

Changing the robot language

  1. Tap the six dots icon six dot icon.
  2. Tap the Settings icon.
  3. Tap on Language & input.
  4. Tap on Language.
  5. Tap the language that you want.
  6. To check if the language has been correctly changed, listen to the Robot's notification: 
    - Press the Chest Button once to hear the notification message.  

Installing a third (or more) language

This is possible, but you will need to pay for it. 
Only the first two languages are included in our offer. 
You must contact your local Sales Representative or the Customer Support.