Pepper NAOqi 2.9

6. Packaging and storing


danger Pepper is heavy! Be careful when holding the robot. 

Unboxing Pepper

Keep the boxes and protections. You will need them to store Pepper.

  1. Open the box.
  2. Fold the top right corner of the box into the dedicated slot as shown in the video.
  3. Remove the blue cover.
  4. Pull the ramp out.
  5. Place your hands under Pepper’s arms, and slowly lift Pepper out.
    danger Pepper might be unstable and fall if not put in the Safe Posture as shown.
  6. Remove the tape and all protections.
  7. Remove the Pins.
  8. Open the Soft Cover and store the Pins in their respective slots.
  9. Unlock the Stop Button then close the Soft Cover.



Reboxing Pepper
  1. Pepper must be switched OFF and the Stop Button pushed.
  2. Remove the Pins from their storage and insert them in their respective slots.
    danger Be careful when the Pins are inserted, Pepper’s knee and hip will move freely. Hold the Robot to make sure it does not fall. 
  3. Bring Pepper in front of the box, and make sure the Charging Flap is closed.
  4. Lift Pepper to a standing posture while pushing him into the box as shown in the video.
  5. Carefully bring the box to the floor.
    danger Be careful, Pepper could be unstable
  6. Adjust Pepper in his box
  7. Close the box with strong tape.
Pepper Safe Posture


Our robots can be easily cleaned using isopropyl wipes.

danger Make sure that Pepper is turned OFF, in Safe posture and unplugged, the Charging Flap is closed and the Stop Button is pushed down when cleaning.

info pins If needed you can insert the Pins to manually adjust Pepper's position.

  • Clean and disinfect your robot using alcohol (such as Isopropyl) based disinfectant wipes.
  • Do not use water.
  • Do not use ammonia-based products.

Soft Dry Cloth NO Water No Alcohol or ammonia


You must use the orignal boxes and packaging to store Pepper and follow the Reboxing procedure above, as well as the following instructions.

  1. Turn Pepper OFF.
  2. Press the Stop Button.
  3. Fully charge Pepper then close the Charging Flap.
  4. danger DO NOT insert the Pins otherwise Pepper might fall (see Pins).
  5. Ensure the storage location complies with safety recommendations (see Choosing location).

info For long storage, charge Pepper at least once every three months otherwise the battery will become unusable.