Pepper NAOqi 2.9

7. Safety / Advanced operations

Special Start-up

When Pepper is off, you can press and hold the chest button until the Shoulder LEDs are blue (around 4 seconds) to perform a special start-up.

info This process takes long (15 minutes), and you should not need to do this on a regular basis.

This will update all the robot firmwares. You can use this to try solve some errors.

The process is over when Pepper says “Ognak Gnuk”.  


Factory Reset

What is it?

A Factory Reset operation resets the Robot to its factory settings:

  • It removes the User data and the system partition that are on the Robot.
  • It reinstalls a NAOqi OS on the Robot.
  • It erases the User data on the Tablet and reinstalls Android OS on the Tablet.

info To avoid the Factory Reset process being interrupted, keep the Robot charging while performing the Factory Reset.

Procedure (Via Tablet Settings)

danger A Factory Reset will erase all the user data that is on a Robot.
You must be owner or admin of the Robot to perform a Factory Reset. 

  1. Turn the Robot ON
  2. Plug in the Battery Charger.
  3. On Android home screen, click the circle (with 6 dots icon tablette menu) in the center right border.
  4. Tap Settings to launch the settings menu.
  5. Scroll down. Tap Backup & Reset.
  6. Tap Factory Data Reset.
  7. Tap Reset.
  9. Enter your SoftBank Robotics account and password linked to the robot.
  10. Tap OK.
    danger You must be owner or admin of the Robot to perform a Factory Reset. If not, when your enter your SoftBank Robotics account and password, the Tablet displays a message error: "Unknown error occured".
    NAOqi System Image download starts. This step may take a while, depending on the download speed.

When the Factory Reset is completed, the Robot stands up and the Shoulder LEDs blink green. 
You will need to follow the Getting Started Wizard again. 

To check that the Factory Reset has been properly done, press the Chest Button once to hear Pepper’s notification.
Pepper says: "I have successfully updated my system, I am now running version XXXX. I have successfully completed my factory reset, all my data and settings have been reset ."


Emergency Stop

Pepper Stop button GIF

Stop Button

When Pepper is ON, pushing the Stop button will immediately stop the robot and data will not be saved. You can push the Stop Button through the Soft Cover.

danger Use this only in case of emergency, for example:

  • Liquid spill,
  • Pepper has fallen,
  • Unexpected physical behaviour.

When Pepper is OFF, you can leave the Stop button pushed for security in case you accidentally press the Chest Button:

  • When Pepper is in the box and/or stored,
  • When cleaning Pepper. 

Unlocking the Stop Button

If the Stop Button is pushed down, unlock it as shown in the video before turning Pepper ON, then carefully close the soft cover.


Forced switch OFF (Chest Button)

Image removed. Forced switch OFF is not recommended in normal use. 

Use this if Pepper does not turn OFF normally. 

  1. Image removed. Make sure there is enough space around Pepper because the motors will switch OFF suddenly and the arms will fall freely. 
  2. Press and hold the Chest Button until Pepper turns OFF (~8 seconds). 


Pepper safe posture

Safe posture

In this posture, Pepper is stable, its motors and joints are safe. 

Pepper will go in this posture when:

You should always have Pepper in Safe posture when:

Pepper has fallen

What should you do if Pepper falls?

  1. Push the Stop Button
  2. Insert the Pins to unlock the joints. 
  3. Lift Pepper and put it in the Safe Posture. 
  4. Do a visual check to see if something is broken.
  5. If nothing looks broken, remove and store the Pins, unlock the Stop Button and try to turn it on.
  6. If it doesnt work, or if you see it is broken, contact support.

danger Do not try to repair Pepper yourself, you could do more damage and void your warranty. 


Before contacting Support

info If your question is related to development, applications, etc., make sure you check Developer Center first, you might find an answer there. 

In order to help you better, please check the following list before contacting support:

  • Is the battery charged?
  • Is the Stop Button unlocked?
  • Have you carried out the Initial Setup?
  • Are there any notifications pending?
  • Have you tried to turn Pepper OFF (Normal or Forced) and turn it ON again?
  • Have you tried to perform a Special Start-up? 
You will need your serial number
You will need your serial number