Pepper NAOqi 2.9

Robot Physical Issues

Pepper has fallen

What should you do if Pepper falls?
  1. Push the Stop Button
  2. Insert the Pins to unlock the joints. 
  3. Lift Pepper and put it in the Safe Posture. 
  4. Do a visual check to see if something is broken.
  5. If nothing looks broken, remove and store the Pins, unlock the Stop Button and try to turn it on.
  6. If it doesnt work, or if you see it is broken, contact support.

Image removed. Do not try to repair Pepper yourself, you could do more damage and void your warranty. 

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A part of my robot is too hot

Depending on how you use your robot, this might be normal.

  1. Turn OFF your robot or put your robot in Rest mode.
  2. Let your robot cool down.

If the overheat happens again, you might need to contact Support.

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