Pepper NAOqi 2.9

Shipping & Warranty

How to prepare your robot for the collect

1. Backup
Make sure you keep a backup of all your files. 

2. Return Material Authorization (RMA)
In one of the emails we will send you, you will find the Return Material Authorization (RMA).
Check if the information about you on the form is correct, paying attention to the return address you provided as we will send your robot back to this address.
Print it in 2 copies: 

  • 1 copy should be inserted inside the robot box. 
  • 1 copy should be taped on top of the robot box, making sure the RMA number is visible. 

3. Put your robot in its box 
Make sure to keep the charger and the accessory box as we will not provide these items with the replacement robot (unless otherwise specified by the Support team).
Check our reboxing video for Pepper or NAO

4. Robot transport

  • FOR SWAP: Our Logistic Services Team will soon contact you to send you the replacement robot and to arrange an appointment to pick up your robot as well. 
  • FOR REPAIR: Send your robot to our Repair Center at the following address (for EMEA): 

Repair Service/Fleet Department 
Softbank Robotics Europe 
43 rue du Colonel Pierre Avia 
75015 Paris 

Phone: 01 77 37 17 52

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Repair with/without Warranty

1st case: Repair with Warranty

When under guarantee, we repair your robot for free (return shipping costs included). 

2nd case: Repair without guarantee

Can the warranty contract be extendable?

  • If not, a quotation to repair the robot is made and sent to you.
  • If the warranty contract is extendable, the Support sends you a warranty extension proposal.

In both cases, you are free to accept or to reject the offer. 

First quote (does not include the repair costs yet):

  • After-sales support fees,
  • Logistics & Handling of the robot,
  • Diagnosis of the robot,
  • Full check up after repair.

2nd quote (after you accept the first one and we did the diagnosis):

  • After-sales support fees,
  • Shipping cost,
  • Repair costs,
  • Spare parts.

If you accept the 2nd quote, the first one will be automatically cancelled after we received the 2nd quote, signed by you. We will then start repairing your robot. 

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About Warranty extensions

SoftBank Robotics offers 2-years warranty contracts for Pepper and NAO as a basis.
These contracts are extendable up to 2 years max., knowing that robots are guaranteed up to 4 years max.

How do the Warranty extension works?

The warranty extension will always start at the end-date of your initial warranty contract. 
To extend the warranty, or if you need more details, please contact Support

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Informations that Support will ask you

Before helping you with a robot repair or swap, we need you to provide us (or to confirm if provided already) the following informations:

  • Details about the person to contact for the robot's delivery or pickup (name, phone number, email address),

  • Delivery address,

  • Pickup address (if not the same as the delivery address),

  • Billing address,

  • Your VAT number,

  • Serial number of the robot (see how to find it on Pepper or NAO).

Please, try to provide those when contacting Support for a Repair or a Swap operation. 

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