Volume Global

Volume is a UK-based, leading global technology and innovation company, responding proactively to Industry 4.0 by developing award-winning content in a future-ready format. Using services from smart-machine providers such as IBM Watson™, Volume has taken commercial cognitive applications to market and launched a cognitive website: the Digital Concierge™.


Having developed robotic reception assistants and concierges, Volume is able to deliver more positive and memorable customer experiences and improve employee wellbeing. Each day, Pepper meets and greets new guests, ensuring visitors are given a warm welcome, thanks to natural dialogue and chat; interacts with returning visitors or everyday employees, remembering names and faces through facial recognition; reminds people of their meetings – what time they’re at, who they’re seeing, which room they’re in; and even offer and order hot or cold beverages while guests wait.

This fully personalised experience is a small yet successful step for Volume to completely complement its existing environment and help clients to extend the self-serve cycle and gain real-time answers to their every question.

> Website: https://volumeglobal.com/