United Arab Emirates

Standard Partner - NAO Standard Partner - Pepper
LINK-GULF LLC is a supplier of technology with the main focus on AI (Robotics) in Middle East and North Africa within Education, Research & other key industries.


LINK-GULF LLC provides customized solutions based on the requirements of clients. The tailor-made solutions can be deployed in the following industrial sectors:


LINK-GULF LLC has supplied various units of NAO and Pepper Robots to different universities in Middle East with tailored end-user training according to their requirements.

Technology & Expertise:

Chatbot - Basic Question and Answer based Chatbot developed for individual customer for presentation purpose.

Cognitive computing - Use Choregraphe, Face recognition box for face recognition and greeting.

Navigation - Setup and Install the Explore, Patrol and place Choregraphe applications from GitHub.


LINK-GULF LLC has a set of demo applications that have been created in Choregraphe and Android SDK for basic training purposes.

  • Khalifa University Abu-Dhabi
  • UAE University Al Ain
  • American University of Sharjah
  • American University in the Middle East Kuwait
  • IMAM Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University KSA
  • GEMS Dubai American Acadamy
  • Princess Noura University KSA
  • Hashemite University Jordan


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