Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait

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Proven Robotics is a company that offers a range of AI apps powered by cutting edge robotic products.

A new brand of Proven Arabia, Proven Robotics’s service catalogue is a step closer to a future of digitalized business processes, bringing technology to customer-based interactions and uniting man and robot in ways that have never been explored before.

Their solutions present their clients with a range of products that can be customized to fit their business needs through the expert creators and innovative team who design applications to optimize the use of robots in everyday life. Proven Robotics takes business support to the future by offering high-end products and cutting-edge technologies including AI, Robotics, Blockchain, AR/VR and IoT.


Pepper for Libraries - Proven Robotics for Libraries will be designed to interact with visitors; providing information related to the library, perform book search, book recommendations, safe check-in and more.

Pepper as a Receptionist - Proven Robotics for enabling Pepper to work as a receptionist at companies waiting area / reception counter, public places, and at government organizations to help visitors check in to appointments or view other facilities.

Pepper at Airports - Proven Robotics for Airports and Airlines will enable the safe check-in for passengers especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pepper will be able to interact, guide and facilitate the passenger experience at the check-in desk, duty free sales and requesting special services such as wheelchairs, minor or people of determination attendants etc.

All these solutions can be deployed for:


Technology & Expertise

CMS - This Content Management System makes managing your robots easy. You can create, manage and deploy unlimited multilingual content to one or multiple robots with one click. Generate your own screens with feature-rich presentations, promotions and use cases and get Pepper to say exactly what you want.

Chatbot - QiBot and DialogFlow integration are possible. Integration with any chatbot via API is possible as well. Arabic language Support.

Click to mail/SMS - Email/SMS can be initiated based on defined user action.

Cognitive computing / Face reco / Emotion reco / Eye tracking etc. - Proven Robotics can utilize built-in capabilities of face/age/emotion recognition and integration with person recognition API is possible.

Data Analytics - Integration is possible with any analytics tools.

IT System Integration - Integration is possible with any tools via API.

IoT – PoS machine / Beacons / RFID / NFC / Wearable devices - The oximeter is integrated already. Any device can be integrated via Bluetooth.

Navigation - Semi-autonomous navigation is available using Aruco markers and fully-autonomous platform is yet to be deployed.

NLU / Semantic analysis - Semantic analysis can be done with external API integration plus we have our own bi-lingual NLP engine (English and Arabic).

Proactive engagement - Built-in capability that is fully utilized.

Real-time data processing/Decision making (rule based, ML, DL or other) - Integration is possible with any ML tools.

QR Code / Barcode scanning - Proven Robotics supports QR code scanning.

Robot animation editor - We can build any custom animations for Pepper.


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