Standard Partner - Pepper
Hansab is a technology company, active in the market for 27 years, and is focused on delivering high-value business solutions to their partners and customers. We offer complete solutions for retail, healthcare, banking and finance, transport, education and the public sector. Our complete solutions involve consultancy, software and hardware development and integration, installation and after-sales services, together with service export.
Hansab Innovation


Hansab provides both ready-to-use and customised solution. Their solutions can be deployed in following industries:


Ready-to-use solution - Meet & Greet:

Meet & Greet application which can be applied in any concierge/administrator scenario combining assistance, entertainment (quizzes, games) and product/service presentation. In addition, they are developing an application to integrate the robot to their own developed meeting room management system where Pepper will have the role of greeting visitors, collecting data, contacting the meeting host, entertaining or guiding the visitors to corresponding meeting room.

Technology & Expertise

CMS - They have created a possibility to easily edit the content of the application by the end-users who are using the app for their customers. They have a remote-control application that in addition to the preconfigured actions has the possibility to send live commands for movement and also speech.

Proactive engagement - They use proactive engagement in the meet greet application so that the robot is tracking movement and people, engaging with them proactively and starting the discussions.


  • Telia Estonia
  • Museum of Virumaa, Rehbinder House


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