Czech Republic

Standard Partner - NAO Standard Partner - Pepper
EXACTEC was founded in 1991 in the Czech Republic. It currently represents more than 15 manufacturers of components and systems for automation, designs, and manufactures single-purpose machines and applications with integrated robots.


The first application of the Pepper robot is intended for the introduction of the company. It is preferred for trade fairs and seminars.
Presentation of products can be added.


Technology & Expertise

Chatbot – EXACTEC integrated an offline QiChatbot, enabling talking to your robot at any time.

Click to mail/SMS – EXACTEC enabled instant communication through Pepper via SMS or email. 

Cognitive computing / Face recognition / Emotion recognition / Image recognition / Eye tracking – Greeting, speaking, check the use of the drape.

Data analytics – Pepper collects data and the analysis is done at the backend.

IT system integration – Pepper can be integrated into different software systems.

Robot animation editor – EXACTEC enabled Pepper to make a presentation of products or companies and more.


  • Technical University in Liberec
  • Secondary Technical School in Ostrov


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