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SoftBank Robotics Europe and United Robotics Group announce Master Distribution agreement for Pepper & NAO robots in Europe

Paris - Bochum, Oct 20th, 2021.

SoftBank Robotics Europe, is teaming with the United Robotics Group, to develop and expand its Pepper & NAO robots business in Europe.

Starting October 1st, 2021, the United Robotics Group will manage and develop new sales, services support and maintenance in European countries for Pepper & NAO humanoid robots.

Founded by Thomas Hähn, the United Robotics Group is uniting an ecosystem of start-ups in robotics. Part of the ecosystem are the companies Rethink Robotics, United Robotics Group Health & Food, Geenial, Humanizing Technologies, Entrance Robotics and RobShare. Some of its members, such as Humanizing Technologies and Entrance Robotics are coming from the SoftBank Robotics Partners ecosystem and already have a deep knowledge of Pepper and NAO robots.

Furthermore, the United Robotics Group will leverage the existing network of Pepper & NAO partners and their solutions all across Europe.

With existing offices in Germany and Austria and a new one opening in Paris, France, the United Robotics Group is becoming a major actor in the European Robotics market.  

“Pepper & NAO are iconic robots, and we believe they have a future in order to help democratize the adoption of service robotics. The size of our ecosystem and strong portfolio of companies allows us to start a deep cooperation with SoftBank Robotics Europe and with the Pepper & NAO Partners in the region. We are proud to open our very first office in France in close collaboration with SoftBank Robotics Europe’s talented team.” said Thomas Haehn, CEO of United Robotics Group.  

“This Master Distributor agreement will allow SoftBank Robotics Europe to fully focus on the design of robotics hardware, software and cloud services. With United Robotics Group we aim to enter into a strategic alliance between France and Germany to keep selling Pepper & NAO and to collaborate on the next opportunities in robotics.” said Xavier Lacherade, COO of SoftBank Robotics Europe.


About United Robotics Group

The United Robotics Group is a subsidiary of the RSBG SE, a wholly owned investment entity of the RAG foundation, which primarily focuses in technology driven engineering companies. With a long-term oriented buy and build strategy, the company is a valuable partner for successful medium-sized companies such as the United Robotics Group.

Based in Bochum, Germany, the United Robotics Group is an ecosystem of experts and partners with one single mission: Uniting hardware, software and solution know-how for the best robotic solutions possible.

We’re dedicated to combine perfectly fitted hardware with the easiest to use software to create single-source robotic solutions for non-industrial services and collaborative tasks. Always GDPR conform. And always topped with excellent market and solution know-how. We believe in a future where humans and robots will be working side by side to make this world a better place. And we’re set out to make it real.

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About SoftBank Robotics Europe

Leader in humanoid robotics, SoftBank Robotics Europe is headquartered in Paris and regroups about 180 employees. Creator of the robots NAO and Pepper, used today in more than 70 countries worldwide, in various fields, such as retail, healthcare, tourism and education, SoftBank Robotics Europe is a subsidiary of SoftBank Robotics Group Corp. For more information:


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