Standard Partner - Pepper
Enabling Your Digital Future. We are in the midst of a digital revolution, one which is fundamentally altering the economic and social landscape. Digitally enhanced business models, digital consumers and digital employees require methods, technologies and thought processes which go beyond the traditional. In order to maintain their success, companies must take action. As IT service providers, inovex give their customers the methods, technology and cultural awareness they need to succeed in the digital arena. In order to do this, inovex have established themselves as a one-stop shop provider, offering an integrated portfolio of services to get your company fit for the digital future.


inovex provides customized solutions based on the requirements of clients. The tailor-made solutions can be deployed in the following industrial sectors:


Technology & Expertise

CMS - Contenful CMS integration

Cognitive computing – Tensorflow.

Data Analytics - CSV export of pepper data

IoT - Integration of Google Cast Technology

Navigation - Pepper Navigation

Real-time data processing/Decision making - Tensorflow


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