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Pepper x City Mall Georgia

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GiS is a leading technology solutions provider covering Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East regions. Being the ‘pioneer’ in innovative and modern technology offerings, GiS already became a brand identity in HiTech. 

In the E-Commerce driven world, where people are enjoying shopping at the leisure of their homes, the majority of shopping malls are facing challenges to boost foot traffic, raise brand awareness and provide a unique, personalised shopping experience. Customers today want an experience more than just going to pick up the product from the mall. Customers today crave an emotional and highly personalised experience. With the added pressure of the pandemic and new social standards for safety, this indeed is also a challenge for GiS. What were other challenges faced by City Mall? What could GiS do to overcome the challenges faced by City Mall? Find out what solutions Georgian Integrated Systems implemented with Pepper for City Mall by downloading the PDF!

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