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Pepper x Paris 15th District


Housing over 230,000 inhabitants and providing around 150,000 jobs, Paris 15th is the biggest district in Paris by both size and population. The City Hall aggregates various kinds of municipal services of the district, which leaves the reception service teams the duties of welcoming, guiding, and informing a huge number of citizens about the administrative procedures.

As a tech-pioneer in the public sector, Paris 15th District City Hall was looking for a boost in efficiency and resident relationship empowered by digital initiatives to better serve numerous visitors every day. Furthermore, Paris 15th City Hall has envisioned a world of tomorrow in the public sector, taking the lead on AI, IoT, and digital technologies.

Paris 15th District connected with our partners Hoomano and Pepper to help them find solutions to their challenges. Find out more about these and their key results by downloading the PDF!

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