Les dernières tendances de la robotique par SoftBank Robotics Europe
Pepper at St. Marien Hospital

The Saint Marien Hospital in the center of Cologne has been providing for the well-being of its patients for more than 140 years with treatment methods based on the latest scientific standards and pronounced human care. Aiming to provide the best medical care and nursing to their patients, St.Marien Hospital sought to seek solutions for the progressive decline in medical personnel in Germany. Their biggest challenge lied in the unequal distribution of doctors and nurses across the hospital. Additionally, the plight caused by the novel coronavirus increased the existing challenges and paved a way for loneliness amongst isolated patients. The hospital solicited a way to not only find a solution to their challenges but also to find an innovative fix to keep the patients feeling at home! Find out what solutions our partner, Entrance Robotics GmbH offered and implemented for St.Marien Hospital that helped in coping up with the challenges and providing much more than a quick fix to the problem by downloading our PDF!

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