Delaware Consulting

Delaware is a fast-growing, global company that delivers advanced solutions and services to organizations striving for a sustainable, competitive advantage. They guide customers through their business transformation, applying the ecosystems of their main business partners, SAP and Microsoft. They continue to serve their customers afterward, assuring continuity and continuous improvement. In all perspectives, they apply their own sustainable business model that aims for the long-term.
Pepper Partners : Delaware Consulting


Delaware provides customized solution based on the requirements of clients. The tailor-made solutions can be deployed in following industrial sectors:


Technology & Expertise

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Demonstration of AI capabilities both within Pepper; and based on integration with external services such as Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.

Robot animation editor - Pepper's robot motor and animation are very realistic and enhances the robot-to-human experience. Gestures can be designed in the context of the dialog/scenario at hand.

IT system integration - Integration of back office systems in order to enrich customer experience, such as previous sales and stock information to validate availability of a customer's favourite product and the buying cycle, or to promote alternative products when they are out of stock.

QR code/ Barcode scanning - Identification of both people and products to enrich the interaction with Pepper.

Click to mail/SMS - Sending mails based on collected information, enriched with contextual information, in order to increase customer involvement.