Partenaire Standard - Pepper
ROBOTRÓNICA is today positioned as a cutting-edge company in Spain, specialized in robotics, humanoid distribution and software development. It was in 2015 that ROBOTRÓNICA became an official partner of SoftBank Robotics for Spain and Portugal. Since then, its clients and Apps for Pepper and NAO have increasingly diversified in order to reach all types of clients and specific needs. Moreover, ROBOTRÓNICA offers training, technical support and it is not only limited to the professional sector, but the educational one as well.
ROBOTRÓNICA - Presentation


Robotronica provides both ready-to-use and customised solution. Their solutions can be deployed in following industries:


Ready-to-use solution:

PEPPERLENI - The intelligent natural language (a.k.a. LENI) app allows Pepper to understand its interlocutor and have a more natural conversation through artificial intelligence. Moreover, it makes online enquiries and obtains real time information about the topic dealt with in the conversation. It provides useful functionalities from the Google Cloud framework services such as online Speech Recognition. This app also includes intent recognition in order to provide a more natural conversation. Moreover, they include the possibility to integrate third party APIs (e.g. meteorology, taxi, etc.) to provide more options in the interactions.


PEPPERRCS - Application that allows the user to manage the robot without previous programming knowledge. Clients can then execute animations, write a text and move the robot in real time. They can also save dialogues for later use, add and execute other existing applications and add images/videos on the robot’s tablet.


PEPPERTRANSLATOR - Application which offers simultaneous translations. Pepper can be an interpreter among two people in 21 languages. The robot is, therefore, capable of receiving the message from one of the users, translate it and say it to the other user out loud in the chosen language.

ROBOTRÓNICA - Translator

PEPPERATTENDANT - Thanks to this app, Pepper can suggest clients the most suitable product according to their age, sex and mood and offer all the information that the client needs about anyr products/services. Also, Pepper can generate reports and statistics according to the date that it previously collects.

ROBOTRÓNICA - Pepper Attendant

PEPPERINTERACTIVE - Pepper interactive is destined to improve user experience by creating a more intuitive and fun interaction with users. With this app, Pepper will tell you a joke or riddle, dance, take a selfie with you or even give you a hug.

ROBOTRÓNICA - Pepper interactive

NAO NER - This app offers intuitive and simple programming for NAO. With voice commands, the robot can walk, dance, tell a story, gives a briefing of robotics concepts, takes pictures of its surrounding and can even keep an eye at your house.

Technology & Expertise

CMS - In order to provide clients a practical way to add/modify/remove data inside the robot, they implement easy-to-use desktop CMS. These apps can manage or transfer data in order to include, for instance, promotions, dialogs, images, videos, etc.

IT system integration - All the apps are deployed through the Softbank Robotics Cloud, managing the different versions and including an exclusive profile for every client. Moreover, in order to manage crashes or malfunctions in the apps we develop, they provide a service included in their CMSs to send us the related reports by email.

Cognitive computing - In order to provide a better interaction experience, they implement services based on the Microsoft Azure framework for face detection and recognition, including improved features for the gender, age, and emotions detection, among others.

Navigation - They provide several solutions such as a line-follower or a follow-people mobility. They also offer more complex solutions including markers or beacons for a more precise localization and point information.

Data Analytics - They provide a web service that provides a record with statistic information about the people who have interacted with the robot, the amount of time the robot has been interacting, and the staff cost savings, among others.

QR code/ Barcode scanning - The QR reader/generator app includes functionalities related to read/generate QR or barcodes. The app is developed so as to provided an easy integration with many other interaction apps.

Click to mail/SMS - The mail app is an easy way to send emails with different information, for instance, promotions, registrations, check-in/out QR keys, photos, etc.

Real-time data processing/Decision making - All their apps include a main node based in a State Machine methodology in order to provide real-time decision making. Depending on the information about the environment, mainly people, the interaction node acts or transits from one state to another providing this way a natural interaction with people.

IoT - They include several IoT solutions provided directly by us or through partnerships with great companies in the sector. These services include devices such as IP devices (e.g. printers or card readers), beacons, etc.

Robot animation editor - The RCS (Robotronica's Control System) app is the best way to easily control the robot. It is possible to add dialogs with animations, set images in the tablet, control movements, and also teleoperate with no need to be an expert user. This app includes the RAL (Robotronica's Animation Library) that includes new gestures and dances (e.g. the selfie behaviour).


  • Gas Natural
  • Acciona
  • Ferrovial
  • Carrefour
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Fund Grube
  • Instituto de Empresa