ALDEBARAN Robotics wins two awards from the highly respected IEEE scientific community

ALDEBARAN Robotics was awarded two major prizes at this years largest robotics event, the International Conference on Robotics and Automation, the first went to Bruno Maisonnier, Founding President, for his role as entrepreneur, the other was awarded for the innovation represented by the French company's robot NAO.
ALDEBARAN Robotics, world leader in humanoid robotics, has been rewarded for the research work that it has carried out in recent years. Firstly Bruno Maisonnier, received the IEEE Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award 2011 from the International Federation of Robotics. Previous winners include IRobot, Kuka and Cyberdine. His robot NAO also received the first IEEE Award for Product Innovation, awarded by the Robotics and Automation Society, which recognises innovative products that represent a technological breakthrough.
"These are two major awards for us, that represent a true acknowledgement by the scientific community of the work performed by ALDEBARAN Robotics over the last 6 years." claimed the proud Bruno Maisonnier, President and Founder of ALDEBARAN Robotics. "We have always prided ourselves on working hand-in-hand with our customers, researchers and professors, but also with the whole scientific and development community. Today, this investment has been recognised by the key associations for these communities and it what a great way!"
These awards come just prior to the launch of an offer to suit science teaching in secondary schools and the fourth RoboCup, granting ALDEBARAN Robotics' NAO robot an undeniable legitimacy as a standard platform that is, more than ever, a reference in terms of research and education.
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