PwC Germany

PwC advises groups and family-owned companies, industrial and service compa­nies, global players and local heroes, the public sector, associations and NGOs. They are the leading auditing and consul­tancy company in Germany. Their Emerging Technologies Unit deve­lops innovative strategies, use cases and solutions for Pepper for several indus­tries such as automotive, transport and logistics, retail and consumer, financial services and public sector. As it is essential for their clients and for them to have smooth interactions with Pepper, they setup together with their network of Al/Natural Language Processing and other cognitive experts a unique plat­form as a basis for client-specific service modules.
Pepper World Paris 2017 : PwC Germany


PwC provides both ready-to-use and customised solution. Their solutions can be deployed in following industries:



Ready-to-use solution: Aftersales solution & Welcome POI

  1. Aftersales solution including product catalogue, service call, client satisfaction survey, selfie, booking.

  2. Welcome POI including welcome messages, specific information, map and pictures, games.

Holobotics: The Intelligent Experience Economy

Technology & Expertise


Chatbot - PwC developed a ChatBot for Pepper and other devices that enables to offer an online support to customers. The ChatBot answers any questions, supporting customer service. The application might be further involved in undertaking cross-sell and up-sell actions.

NLU/Semantic Analysis - PwC uses actual NLP/ Semantic tools to fit the best interaction with Pepper.

IT system integration - PwC takes care that Pepper and Nao are well integrated in the IT ecosystem of our clients (e.g. interface with a company CRM and e-commerce).

Cognitive computing/Face reco/Emotion reco/Image reco/Eye tracking,etc.- PwC uses Peppers technical skills regarding face recognition. Moreover PwC is able to add other skills/ devices (e.g. ID Card Scanner).

Proactive Engagement - In order to attract customers we program Pepper to initiate interactions.

Data Analytics - PwC is able to capture data during the interactions with Pepper. The selected data can be analyzed and reported.

Click to mail/SMS - We enabled Pepper to send mails to devices. For example in a sales context our customer can ask Pepper for human support. In this case Pepper would send a mail to the support service.

IoT - PoS machine/Beacons/RFID/NFC/Wearable devices - PwC enables Pepper to teleoperate other devices (e.g. camera, ticket-system).