Working together, robots and humans can do more.

We’re here to power that connection.

SoftBank is driving the future of robotics, connecting people with technology and changing the way we work.


Technology that does more for people — and for businesses.

The work we do is growing more complex all the time. Robots can help us do more — taking on the smaller, more routine tasks so we’re free to focus on the work we do best.

SoftBank Robotics is transforming the way we work with technology — and redefining the future of work. We’re creating tools that grow and learn, that cultivate meaningful interactions, that drive productivity and value — and add just a bit of magic along the way.

What can robotics do for you?

From customers to employees, robotics can completely transform the way people interact with your business.

Empower Employees

Automate tedious tasks and free up your team to focus on more valuable work for your business.

Optimize Operations

Collect data to better understand — and improve — business processes. Automate logistics to get more done.

Engage Customers

Connect with audiences on a deeper level by creating interactive digital experiences with a spark of life.

Facilitate Learning

Bring complex topics — from STEM skills to programming — to life, with hands-on learning tools. Teach staff new skills.

Discover the technology that's driving the future.

At SoftBank, we're developing robots to enhance every aspect of your business — from connecting with customers to automating arduous or repetitive work.


Product expert, customer service rep, and educational tool, all-in-one. (Not to mention a total charmer!)

Meet Pepper


Programmable personal teaching assistant that brings learning to life.

Meet Nao


Autonomous vacuum sweeper that delivers consistent, quality cleaning — and proof of performance.

Discover Whiz

Explore Inside the Robots.

Follow along with the future of robotics, as industry leaders, designers, engineers, and our team of experts share their stories.

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We make headlines.

SoftBank Robotics is shaping the future, and the world is taking notice.

”TODAY is highlighting the robot revolution with special guests Pepper and Aibo."
"Pepper is part of the first wave of intelligent machines that promise to not only make our lives easier, but to bring a strange new form of interaction into being."
"We spent a little time with Pepper and got its thoughts on Paris, robot uprisings, tacos, and how it helps people."
"The Next Time You Order Room Service, It May Come By Robot"