At SoftBank, we’re making robotics personal.

We believe the future of work lies in robotics, with the potential to make our lives more productive and more fulfilling – but also more filled with joy, excitement, and wonder. It all starts, though, with the right technology – enhancing the way robots learn, interact, and connect with people.

Augmenting the workforce through automation.

Right now, we have a one-way relationship with our technology – we tap on screens, we talk to speakers. Robotics offers the potential for something more – something interactive, responsive, multisensory, personal.

At SoftBank Robotics, our goal is to optimize Human-Robotic Interaction (HRI), developing the sort of robots that people can

really engage with – robots who are friendlier, more aware, even a little magical. Robots that learn. Robots that work better together – and work better with us.

Robots are designed to help – we’re here to make sure they help the right way, elevating how we work, how we learn, how we connect, and how we grow.

Our global leadership.

Supporting our core team in San Francisco, SoftBank Robotics’ leadership spans the globe from Tokyo to France, offering a combined 130 years of technical expertise.

  • Fumihide Tomizawa
    President & CEO
  • Kazutaka Hasumi
    EVP, Chief Creative Officer
  • Kenichi “Kent” Yoshida
    EVP, Chief Business Officer
  • Kazuo Nohara
    Vice President & CISO, CCO
  • Manabu Matsuura
  • Dai Sakata
    EVP, CTO Software
  • Xavier Lacherade
    EVP, CTO Hardware
  • Charles Broussaudier
    VP, Chief Information Officer
  • Alain Hui Bon Hoa
    VP, Chief Services Officer
  • Nicolas Boudot
    VP, Sales and Marketing, EMEA
  • Julien Seret
    VP, Head of Global Product
  • Stanley Tam
    General Manager

Our core team.

The heart of SoftBank Robotics is in San Francisco. These are the humans bringing our robots to life and building the foundation for the future.

Julien Seret
VP, Head of Global Product
Kanako Reinhardt
Head of Legal Affairs
Naoki Mikoshiba
Head of Revenue and GTM
Sean Reardon
Head of Fleet Operations
Kass Dawson
Head of Marketing and Strategy
Brady Watkins
Head of Commercial Automation

Become a part of the future – join the team at SoftBank Robotics.

We’re always looking for talented, forward-thinking people to help us build a better tomorrow.

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