Pepper Overseas:

This robot gets around.

See how businesses around the globe are using Pepper to revolutionize the customer experience.


Pepper delights and interacts with shoppers at Carefour.


This automotive titan loves how much Pepper plays with children and explains product benefits.

Mizuho Bank

Pepper reduces wait times, charms audiences, and promotes financial offerings at Mizuho banks.

Costa Cruises

While at sea, Pepper creates the perfect atmosphere that Costa Cruises is known for worldwide.


Pepper’s in French train stations becoming passengers #1 new travel resource.

Belgian Hospitals

In Belgian Hospitals, Pepper’s in a receptionist role.

Engaged and Involved.

There’s nothing that delivers a premium brand experience like Pepper. Connect on a deeper level with customers, get better data in real time, and leave a lasting impression.

Robocup @ Home

Students around the world are coming up with ways for Pepper to act as a valuable asset to the elderly everywhere.

Pizza Hut

Pepper has become part of the Pizza Hut family giving customers a memorable slice of technology.

Renault Dealerships

At Renault dealerships in France, Pepper’s a product expert helping customers to make informed decisions.