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11.19.19 | Article
There are currently no other commercial sweepers that have penetrated or have any scale within the cleaning industry to date," Watkins says.
10.31.19 | Video
The robotics market is growing as more industries are incorporating robots into their workflow. Here are the changes we can expect.
08.28.19 | Article
HSBC introduces 'Pepper' the robot — promising fun, efficiency and job growth
08.21.19 | Article
In Japan, robots aren’t scary. In fact, interacting with a robot has become routine.
07.31.19 | Article
Trust is key to service robot design, says SoftBank Robotics
07.01.19 | Video
Jeremy Balkin, HSBC's head of innovation, describes how Pepper the robot has changed the way customers and employees engage.
05.29.19 | Article
Pepper will greet customers at HSBC Bank’s Brickell branch in Miami, and later, possibly other locations throughout Florida, according to bank...
05.17.19 | Podcast
Walmart's recent move to put 1,500 robots has reignited the debate over the impact of automation on U.S. jobs. Kass Dawson, Global Head of...