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05.17.19 | Podcast
Walmart's recent move to put 1,500 robots has reignited the debate over the impact of automation on U.S. jobs. Kass Dawson, Global Head of...
05.17.19 | Podcast
In this episode, Kass Dawson of SoftBank Robotics shows how two robots can communicate through IoT automation in the cloud.
05.01.19 | Article
Listen now: Can’t We All Just Get Along? with Anca Dragan (UC Berkeley), Rana el Kaliouby (Affectiva) and Matt Willis (SoftBank Robotics).
04.19.19 | Article
SoftBank Robotics and HSBC have partnered to roll out humanoid banking assistants, first in New York and now in Los Angeles.
04.12.19 | Article
“San Francisco is the home of SoftBank Robotics America and SFUSD is the first large, urban school district in the U.S. to create a comprehensive pre...
03.12.19 | Article
It’s the third HSBC branch to welcome the helpful bot. Models have already been introduced in New York City and Beverly Hills, Calif.
03.12.19 | Article
With advances in A.I. and engineering, robots are galumphing, rolling, and being U.P.S.-delivered into our lives.
03.03.19 | Article
Humans working alongside robots is becoming more common every day and is indefinitely changing the world. SoftBank Robotics is leading the way in...