Cleaning Solutions Guide

Discover how automation can augment the cleaning workforce - and drive new growth for service providers.

Commercial cleaning is booming like never before… but without changing the way cleaning is performed, providers will struggle to keep up with all the new demand. Fortunately, a number of new technologies have the potential to help you persevere – and grow – in the face of these challenges. In Automating the Future of Clean, you’ll discover how automation is helping teams (and businesses) do more with the combined power of people, devices, and data.

In this executive summary, you’ll learn:

  • What key issues have brought commercial cleaning to a breaking point
  • Why automation drives cleaning performance, productivity, and employee satisfaction
  • How Whiz, a new autonomous vacuum sweeper from SoftBank Robotics, helps augment your team – and prepare your business for the future
Discover the key to better cleaning – and greater competitive advantage. Download Automating the Future of Clean now.