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04.09.20 | Article
Watkins says that cutting corners means sacrificing air quality because carpeting acts as a filter for debris and dust, so when it is cleaned less frequently, that debris and dust simply collects and builds up.
03.17.20 | Article
“The biggest impact [from coronavirus] will be on the cleaning industry because people are demanding cleaner spaces and ways to mitigate or reduce human contact.”
03.07.20 | Article
Tethys is named after the Greek patron goddess of streams as part of SoftBank’s STREAM (science, technology, robotics, engineering, art, and mathematics) education program.
03.05.20 | Article
SoftBank Robotics launched Tethys, new visual programming tool, to teach students how to code by creating applications for its Pepper humanoid.
02.25.20 | Video
SoftBank has been investing money into STEM education, focusing heavily on under-served communities.
11.19.19 | Article
There are currently no other commercial sweepers that have penetrated or have any scale within the cleaning industry to date," Watkins says.
10.31.19 | Video
The robotics market is growing as more industries are incorporating robots into their workflow. Here are the changes we can expect.
08.28.19 | Article
HSBC introduces 'Pepper' the robot — promising fun, efficiency and job growth
08.21.19 | Article
In Japan, robots aren’t scary. In fact, interacting with a robot has become routine.
07.31.19 | Article
Trust is key to service robot design, says SoftBank Robotics
07.01.19 | Video
Jeremy Balkin, HSBC's head of innovation, describes how Pepper the robot has changed the way customers and employees engage.
05.29.19 | Article
Pepper will greet customers at HSBC Bank’s Brickell branch in Miami, and later, possibly other locations throughout Florida, according to bank officials.
05.17.19 | Podcast
Walmart's recent move to put 1,500 robots has reignited the debate over the impact of automation on U.S. jobs. Kass Dawson, Global Head of Marketing at SoftBank Robotics, has more on the future of everyday robotics.
05.17.19 | Podcast
In this episode, Kass Dawson of SoftBank Robotics shows how two robots can communicate through IoT automation in the cloud.
05.14.19 | Article
The RBR50 is the annual list of the 50 most innovative and transformative robotics companies that have achieved commercial success in the past year.
05.01.19 | Article
Listen now: Can’t We All Just Get Along? with Anca Dragan (UC Berkeley), Rana el Kaliouby (Affectiva) and Matt Willis (SoftBank Robotics).
04.19.19 | Article
SoftBank Robotics and HSBC have partnered to roll out humanoid banking assistants, first in New York and now in Los Angeles.
04.12.19 | Article
“San Francisco is the home of SoftBank Robotics America and SFUSD is the first large, urban school district in the U.S. to create a comprehensive pre-K to 12 computer science curriculum,” said Kass Dawson, head of marketing for SoftBank Robotics America.
03.12.19 | Article
With advances in A.I. and engineering, robots are galumphing, rolling, and being U.P.S.-delivered into our lives.
03.12.19 | Article
It’s the third HSBC branch to welcome the helpful bot. Models have already been introduced in New York City and Beverly Hills, Calif.
03.03.19 | Article
Humans working alongside robots is becoming more common every day and is indefinitely changing the world. SoftBank Robotics is leading the way in human-robot interaction, transforming the way we work with technology to redefine the future of work.
01.28.19 | Video
"My reunion with SoftBank's Pepper -- a robot I've met on many previous occasions, including through a game of Cards Against Humanity -- showed me that once a robot automatically knows and understands who I am, we can take our interactions to a whole new level."
11.13.18 | Article
Yahoo Finance's Julie Hyman and Dan Roberts are joined by George Pearkes, investment macro strategist at Bespoke, to speak with Kass Dawson, Chief Marketing Officer at Softbank Robotics and Pepper the robot.
06.26.18 | Article
Banking customers at HSBC’s flagship branch in New York City were greeted by a friendly humanoid face on Tuesday, as the branch becomes the first financial institution in the U.S. to officially add robots to its workforce.