News Aug 10, 2016

There’s no denying that in today’s retail environment consumers are opting to point and click over the ol’ drive and browse. Hoping to curb this trend is Palo Alto’s newest tech store, B8ta! Inserting a breath of fresh air into brick-and-mortar shopping, B8ta is a place where people can get tangible with the latest technology products on the market. All the gadgets and gizmos are displayed out of the box and ready to be played with.

B8ta opened the doors to its flagship store last year and is currently housing everything from BB-8 and Dash to home systems, wireless devices and emerging tech gadgets. Most recently they invited Pepper, Softbank Robotics’ friendliest humanoid robot, to make an appearance at the store. Pepper is an intuitive, friendly robot designed in France to help us all in business and at home. Softbank Robotics will be launching Pepper towards the end of the year. Of course Pepper agreed to the invitation and will be making its U.S. retail debut from August 11th-18th. During this time, Pepper will be greeting customers, explaining more about its capabilities, and…taking tons of selfies. There will also be a developer night on the 16th when developers can stop by and gain more insight on how to get involved with the humanoid robot. If you happen to be in the Palo Alto area, stop by and say hello to the newest member of our modern family. Why wait for Star Wars to come out when the future is already here?