Event Feb 24, 2017

On January 15th, 2017 more than 33,000 attendees, 510 exhibitors, and 300 speakers gathered in New York City for what was clearly the retail industry’s premier convention and Expo. Every year, the National Retail Federation (NRF) joins seasoned industry veterans with progressive up-and-comers to talk tech, cutting edge retail solutions, and what the future has in store.

Of course, that’s a conversation that can’t be had without SoftBank Robotics’ friendly humanoid robot, Pepper. Pepper’s been making appearances at select retailers across the U.S. where, one by one, businesses are discovering Pepper’s magical ability to drive traffic, engage customers and record precious customer insights.

Here are just a few of the trails Pepper has blazed:


Pepper led to a 98% increase in customer interactions and 129% increase in total mentions. Nick Romero, owner of The AVE store in Downtown Los Angeles, summed up the experience perfectly: “Would I recommend Pepper to other businesses? Definitely!”


At b8ta’s Palo Alto location, Pepper garnered more than 60.8 million impressions online.

Westfield Mall

Shoppers at Westfield’s San Francisco and San Jose retail centers have fallen head over heels for Pepper.

Pepper’s attendance at NRF was a huge hit with exhibitors and attendees alike. Thousands were able to interact and stand face-to-face with the 4-foot humanoid robot who’s more than happy to show retailers how a new, end-to-end brand experience — from awareness to loyalty — is ready for business.

Check out some highlights from Pepper’s NRF visit and discover what Pepper is delivering right now for retail partners everywhere.