News Oct 25, 2016

On the 13th & 14th of October, the NAO community gathered together from all ends of the earth in Lowell Boston for the 2016 NAO Robot Congress. Chartacloud hosted this two day conference which included a wide range of keynote presentations from a diverse group of partners, academics and members from SoftBank Robotics. The event gave current members of the NAO community a well deserved chance to showcase the developments that have taken place in their respective verticals, such as healthcare, hospitality, innovation and education. Soon to be members of the community were also given a chance to see all the different things NAO is able to do.

Things got interesting as NAO robot application managers and language developers from all over the world also showcased use case applications such as decision support systems, autism therapy and consumer retail engagement capabilities.

NAO- the world’s most popular humanoid robot in education and research is able to speak 19 languages, recognize objects and move freely thanks to an embedded sonar. This interactive companion is available for students, researchers and even non-technical professionals. SoftBank Robotics encourages developers to take advantage of the open SDKs and APIs which allow for even better apps.

Two highlight presentations included: Matthew Gombolay, MIT Robotics researcher, working with hospital nurses and developing new methods for coordinating human-robot teams in various times and locations and Momotaz Begum, Assistant Professor at University of New Hampshire, who analyzes the potential for robots to assist in treatment of autism spectrum disorder.

Other highlights of the congress included Fabrice Goffin, the CEO of Zora Robotics who discussed developing software for NAO and Pepper to facilitate elderly assistance and for retail related functions. Not to mention, the immersive ‘out-of-body’ experience that used NAO, virtual reality glasses and 3D camera sensors to see the world through the eyes of NAO and control NAO through gestures by The Gesture Guys.

Overall an eventful two days, thank you to everyone who came out to the conference and ChartaCloud for hosting.