Pepper Partners Program

Pepper offers significant business opportunities for enterprise developers and companies who are ready to team up with SoftBank Robotics to be part of the next revolutionary engagement platform.

With a globally focused vision, Hitcents has been at the forefront of cutting edge technology as a software and application developer for almost two decades

We developed the unique Yelp Integration for Pepper to coincide with the global announcement of Yelp’s open API. While we were coding, our team fell in love with Pepper’s humor and personality.

- Brady Somerville, Sr. Developer

Solstice has been working tirelessly for years developing new technology and helping businesses grow. Their principle is simple – that the future of technology and humanity are inseparable

As a firm that prides itself in building incredible customer experiences, we are excited to have found a like-minded partner in SoftBank Robotics. Pepper gives us the perfect platform for building compelling, delightful custom robotics experiences.

- Andrew Whiting, Business Development

Hitcents and Solstice are just a few of the future-facing corporations that are working hand in hand with Softbank Robotics to build the next wave of robotics for tomorrow

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