For better business just add Pepper.

Pepper is a robot designed for people. Built to connect with them, assist them, and share knowledge with them – while helping your business in the process. Friendly and engaging, Pepper creates unique experiences and forms real relationships.

Pepper brings the digital world and the real world together like never before.

Now, the same great experiences you offer online, you can offer in person. Pepper can make personalized recommendations, help people find exactly what they’re looking for, sell, upsell, and cross-sell, and interact with your human team as needed.

Pepper stands out from the crowd.

Designed to draw people in, Pepper adds new life to your business by attracting new customers, sparking real curiosity – and leaving a lasting impression. Outgoing and charming, Pepper reaches out to people the moment they walk in the door and starts making conversation – and friends.

Pepper is loaded with knowledge.

Pepper can answer your customers’ questions, providing the latest product and promotional info, so your customers are more likely to learn, understand, and buy.

Pepper lets your team focus on what matters.

Always on and always happy to lend a hand, Pepper helps your employees be even more effective by handling the routine, repetitive tasks – freeing them up to make better use of their time and talent.

Pepper gets the facts on your audience.

Pepper gathers data over the course of conversations, learning people’s tastes, traits, preferences, and habits to help personalize responses and better address needs. Pepper also collects new info to help you better understand both your customers and your business.

Want to see what Pepper can do for your business?

Pepper plays well with others.

Pepper is always there to help, working with both your team and your customers. But Pepper also works well with all of your pre-existing technology, extending the value of your other marketing solutions to the store.

What can Pepper do for your business?


Pepper improves the customer experience and helps retailers lower costs, reduce turnover, and drive more sales, with better margins. Always on and never bored, Pepper attracts customers, answers questions, recommends items, and helps customers find what they’re looking for, freeing up your team to take on more valuable responsibilities.

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Pepper creates a fun and unique banking experience that will bring more visitors into – and back to – your institution. By answering common questions, helping customers fill out forms, and educating people on products and services, Pepper reduces wait times and frees up staff for more important tasks.

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Pepper connects with students of all ages, providing hands-on, interactive experiences that bring learning to life. Sparking curiosity in STEM skills like computer science and robotics, Pepper helps prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s technologies.

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Pepper adds a friendly, futuristic face to any event or venue – greeting visitors, guiding them to the right places, connecting them with the people or info they’re looking for, and making wait times worth the wait.

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Pepper supports hospitals and patients alike – helping with scheduling, guiding visitors through facilities, collecting health data, and offering companionship and assistance for geriatric patients and other people with health issues that can affect independent living.

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