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A revolutionary business tool that enhances your customers’ experience

3D Camera

To detect people and surroundings as well as read emotions and react in real time

20 Degrees of Movement

Allowing for more natural and friendly gestures, which bring the conversation to life

Easily Programmable

In a number of different languages, across a myriad of platforms


Pepper reads your emotions by analyzing voice, facial expressions, and vocabulary. Pepper then uses this data to learn over time.


Pepper’s friendly personality makes it easy to love. With natural body language and magnetism, Pepper is guaranteed to charm your customers.


Pepper is the world’s first humanoid robot that can move naturally, avoid obstacles, identify sounds, and recharge independently.


Pepper has an intuitive platform where developers can download Pepper’s SDKs and constantly create new apps and innovations to improve the Pepper experience.


Pepper doesn’t require deep technical know-how. Through proprietary software, creating apps is as simple as drag and drop.


Find out more about our Early Access program where you can become one of the first to deploy Pepper in the U.S.