Whiz ROI Calculator

See how Whiz can save you time and money

Based on your unique costs and needs, your estimated ROI with Whiz is

$3,000 - $5,000
per month*
*NOTE: This calculation is based on time saved due to autonomous vacuuming. Variables include: the total area to be cleaned per week, per year and is inclusive of subscription fees for units, wages and benefits, average total hours spent vacuuming per shift as well as hours spent assisting on route and mapping of building.

How else does Whiz help your business?

Offer a Higher Quality Cleaning

With Whiz, cleaning is always consistent – every day, across every team. Plus, you can give customers a confirmed clean backed by hard data.

Increase Your Service Value

By offloading routine, time-consuming work to Whiz, your staff can be more productive, focusing on other cleaning tasks.

Reduce Turnover & Increase Employee Satisfaction

Whiz helps improve employee morale by reducing repetitive tasks and injuries. And absenteeism is less of an issue with automated vacuuming.

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