A robotics solution for every business.

Whether you’re trying to connect with customers, empower your employees, or find a new way to drive value for your business, SoftBank Robotics can provide the technology and the support you need.

Robotics for commercial cleaning.

Offer your customers consistent, high-quality, proven cleaning performance — increasing productivity and income while you're at it.

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Robotics for retail.

Create a truly personal, memorable retail experience — driving customer traffic and engagement while helping your team drive sales.

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The future of retail is the merging of the physical and the digital. Pepper delivers this in a charming, innovative, engaging experience.”

Robotics for banking.

Connect with new audiences, establish yourself as "the bank of the future," and offload routine transactions so bankers can act as true financial advisors.

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For us, it's all about customer experience and customer engagement. Pepper is something customers will remember and that will get them coming back again and again.”

Robotics for education.

Help students build their STEM skills — and their interest in science and technology — with a more memorable, real-world, hands-on learning experience.

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We wanted a connection. We wanted to have something that could light up kids' eyes — and their parents’ eyes as well. And Pepper just had that in spades.”

Fleet services and custom solutions.

Work directly with the SoftBank Robotics team to develop, distribute, and manage the automated solutions you need to address your unique goals and challenges.

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