Teach tech with tech.

STREAM — Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, and Math — is the future of learning. And with Pepper for education, students can hone their STREAM skills with a fun and accessible partner.

Augmenting the workforce today, evolving the workforce for tomorrow.

At SoftBank Robotics, our robots are already transforming the modern workforce — helping people do better work, with less repetitive, mundane labor. But that’s just the beginning. By developing robots that can build the skills and expertise students will need to succeed in the future, we’re helping create the next generation of innovators.

Our goal is to create tools and courses that:

Engage, inspire, and teach students of all backgrounds and abilities, across their entire academic career

Create hands-on educational experiences that foster project-based, social, collaborative learning

Establish a rigorous, quantifiable framework that inspires students to cultivate their passion and understanding of STREAM skills

What is 

STREAM is a comprehensive, holistic educational approach that integrates 
Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics into the teaching and learning process — with a particular focus on helping students apply this knowledge to real-world situations.

Find out how Pepper for education can help your students.

Empowering Students Like Never Before

Empowering students like never before.

Bringing Pepper — an educational robotics solution from SoftBank Robotics — to the classroom gives students from all walks of life a hands-on platform to help prepare them for careers in science, technology, and beyond.

A better way to do STREAM

A better way to do STREAM

Howard Horner, Programming and Web Design Teacher at The English High School in Boston, explains how the tangible experience of robotics and visual programming in the classroom makes STREAM careers more approachable
for his students

As a technology class, my students and I often speculate on how disruptive technologies are going to change the world as we know it. Teaching and learning using Pepper moves these discussions and activities from the abstract and speculative into the real-world.”

Xavier Rozas, Lead Teacher & Instructional Technology Coordinator, Boston Public Schools

Made for students of all skill levels.

Designed to be easy to use with a low barrier to entry, Pepper can help every student develop their STREAM skills.

  • Newer students can quickly connect with an engaging interactive robotic experience that teaches them the basics of computer science.
  • Advanced students, meanwhile, can dive deeper into the code that powers today's real-world applications.

Key Benefits

  • Teach Stream

    Pepper directly engages with learners and helps provide a robust STREAM education, so students will remain competitive in tomorrow’s workforce.

  • Drive Critical Thinking

    Pepper allows educators to build hands-on, project-based applications that develop students’ problem-solving skills in a collaborative, real-world environment.

  • Stay Current

    Pepper allows instructors to keep up with breakthroughs in programming and applied research through a community of educators and academic partners.

  • Inspire Future Innovators

    Pepper is an ideal ambassador for robotics — and for STREAM fields in general. Bringing Pepper into the classroom takes technical careers and brings them to life in a way no textbook can.

Tethys: A robotics development environment built for the classroom.

Tethys is designed to make computer science approachable, providing students with an intuitive, user-friendly visual programming tool that helps build their confidence as it builds their skills. Going well beyond the basics, Tethys helps students learn advanced concepts and even sophisticated computer programming languages like Python.

  • Accessible

    Tethys is designed for students of all STREAM skill levels, with a variety of project-based courses.

  • Affordable

    Tethys doesn't require a physical robot — students work with a 3D simulation of Pepper, so every student has access to the technology.

  • Comprehensive

    Tethys doesn’t just teach programming — it can also train students on tools like NLP engines and biometrics.

Every student deserves success.

As interest in multidisciplinary STREAM jobs continues to grow, women and students of color remain underrepresented in these fields. At SoftBank Robotics, we believe everyone should be free to pursue their passions, and we’re using Pepper to aid in this endeavor, inspiring students of all genders, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds to seek careers in STREAM fields.

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