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Pepper redefines the retail experience by making personable, memorable connections with customers that improve store performance and ROI.

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Digital Discipline In-Store

Bring digital discipline to the store.

Imagine if the world’s most sophisticated customer service chatbots came with physical bodies, and could live in your store. That's what Pepper brings to your business. Automate good customer service — without adding headcount— and drive value for all your store visitors.

Pepper is the perfect front-line brand representative.

Pepper supports sales associates and customers by taking over routine interactions and customer questions so human reps can focus on creating a memorable experience for customers through true, consultative selling.


B2C CMO's who believe customer experience is a top-three objective


Number of consumers who prefer stores that recognize them by name


of customers are more likely to purchase if assisted by a knowledgeable associate


Key Benefits

Delight Customers

Delight Customers

Pepper ensures every visitor gets a personal greeting, and fast answers to all their questions.

Increased Revenue

Increased Revenue

Pepper increases cart value by helping customers find products and quickly engaging sales representatives when they are needed.

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Pepper frees up employees to connect with customers and increase cart size through consultative selling.

“For us, it’s all about customer experience and engagement. This is what Pepper delivers, in a charming and innovative way.”

Rebecca Weill, Sr. Director of Marketing,
Westfield SF Center

Integrate Pepper with your most critical customer systems.

Not only can Pepper help customers find their way around the store, answer questions, and connect with knowledgeable associates, Pepper can also bring the knowledge and power of your customer loyalty programs, ecommerce channel, and inventory management systems to the store.

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Critical Capabilities



low complexity, routine questions

Call Staff

Call Staff

when more sophisticated help is needed



visitors about a new product or promotion



visitor data through conversational UX

Call Staff


customers about product availability and location



customers to points of interest around the store

Rethinking retail? Rethink cleaning while you’re at it.

Rethinking retail?
Rethink cleaning while you're at it.

Pepper can completely redefine the retail experience. Whiz — the automated vacuum sweeper — can redefine the retail environment, offering a proven, high-quality clean of high-traffic areas.

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