The website indicates Pepper delivered, but I haven't received my robot.
Let's figure this out. Send a message to us at and someone will get right back to you.
What taxes am I responsible for?
In most states and some local jurisdictions, Marlin is required to pay a sales or use tax on each monthly payment. Since the finance payment was calculated in advance, and these rates change from time-to-time, the tax amount is billed separately. In certain states, the full amount of sales/use taxes is due at the inception of the finance agreement, and the responsibility to pay the sales/use tax falls on Marlin. In these situations, the sales/use tax is added to the equipment cost to calculate the monthly payment. Many states and local jurisdictions charge an annual tax on business tangible personal property. Since Marlin is the legal owner of the equipment, they are required to pay this tax. Their financing rate does not include these property taxes. They pass this cost on to you by invoicing your account. In most cases you will receive an invoice for the yearly estimate of the tax. When the actual tax is paid, your account will be reconciled and you will be credited or invoiced for any differences. Again, property taxes are charged periodically and are not included in the calculation for the base monthly payment. Where required by state law, taxes may be applied to late fees, insurance, interim rent, and the reimbursement of property taxes.
What happens at the end of the finance term?
Unless you’ve chosen a fixed purchase option plan, you are responsible for returning the equipment in good, working condition according to the terms and conditions of your finance agreement. If you don’t return the equipment in accordance with your terms, your finance agreement will renew for the period specified in the finance agreement. If you did choose a fixed purchase option, you must exercise your rights by giving advance notice to Marlin per the terms and conditions of your finance agreement.
Why am I required to insure my financed equipment?
Since the financed equipment is owned by Marlin, they must ensure that if the equipment is destroyed or stolen, the finance agreement will be paid off from the proceeds of the insurance policy. Most commercial policies cover financed equipment; all you need to do is have your insurance agent forward them evidence of property insurance showing Marlin as a Loss Payee. This is usually done at no cost to you. If you do not give them proof of property insurance, then depending on the original equipment cost, they may obtain property insurance to cover their interests and charge you a fee for such coverage, or charge you a risk fee (which provides no insurance benefits). Upon our receipt of evidence of acceptable property coverage maintained by you, they will no longer bill you under their insurance program.
What is the Documentation Fee?
Marlin does not charge an application fee. They do, however, charge a one-time documentation fee to compensate them for processing the finance documents and reimburse us for any fees incurred with filing UCC-1 financing statements.
When is my first payment due and what is Interim Rent?
After Marlin confirms that the equipment was delivered and all required documents were received, your equipment supplier is paid. Marlin then sets up the finance contract on their billing system and an invoice is sent to you for the first payment. This payment covers the following full 30-day period. Included on the first invoice is a charge for interim rent which covers the period between when they pay SoftBank Robotics and when the first finance payment is due.
Why does Marlin Business Services request my personal guaranty?
A personal guarantee is typically requested when you’re unable to credit qualify on the strength of the business alone. Marlin utilizes third-party databases in an attempt to acquire enough credit information. The decision to require a personal guarantee is based on the experience and discretion of the credit analyst reviewing the application.
What is the interest rate in this finance agreement?
Since you’re financing and not taking out a bank loan for your purchase, there’s no “interest rate” as we usually think of one. It’s more like financing office space. You’re paying to rent the equipment, with the monthly payment amount based on the type of financing plan you choose, the terms of the agreement and the cost of the equipment.
Can my finance agreement be cancelled or paid off early?
You may not cancel your finance agreement. At any time during the course of the agreement (before the expiration of the initial term), you may contact Marlin for a quote to buyout, add-on, or upgrade your equipment. If you decide to buy out or upgrade the equipment on your agreement, you will still be responsible for the remaining balance plus any other outstanding obligations, including but not limited to sales tax, late fees, property taxes, and interim rent charges.
Does Marlin Business Services require personal guarantees?
Personal guarantees depend on your financial and credit strength.
What is Marlin’s credit box?
Typically A, B, and C credits. C credits may require guarantees, additional money down, and/or a shortened term.
What are the tax benefits associated with financing?
As the lessee, you may be able to deduct monthly finance payments as a business expense on your tax returns. From Marlin’s perspective as the lessor, unless you chose a $1.00 buyout option, Marlin is entitled to any tax benefits associated with ownership. We recommend asking your personal accountant.
How is Pepper delivered?
Very carefully! We use a logistics management company, proprietary packaging, and of course, white glove care in the delivery of Pepper.
Should I keep the box?
The box is Pepper's safe place. If you ever need to transport or ship Pepper, the box will be your best friend.
Can I repair my robot myself or in a repair shop?
Leave it to the experts at SoftBank Robotics. Doing your own repairs isn't allowed, so please contact our Customer Care team at and we'll get Pepper all fixed and back working in no time.
My charger is broken, where can I get a new one?
We'll ship a replacement right away. Just send a message to our Customer Care and Support team at:
Pepper isn't turning on. What should I do?
First, make sure that Pepper's charger is properly plugged in. Next, check to make sure the emergency button behind Pepper's neck is pressed in. If Pepper still doesn't turn on, contact our Customer Care and Support team at:
What is error 720?
That's a warning alert that lets you know Pepper's motors may be getting too hot. Let Pepper rest to avoid malfunctions.
If Pepper breaks, what should I do?
Contact our Customer Care and Support team at:
Can I install applications onto Pepper's hardware?
You can program and install your own applications. Go here to learn how:
How can I connect Pepper to the internet?
Choose a Wi-Fi port (usually done during the Getting Started set up). Go to the Wi-Fi options on the tablet or on Pepper's IP Address webpage. Directly via ethernet cable: press the chest button to get the IP address of your Pepper.
How do I move Pepper?
First, activate Safe Rest Mode by double-clicking the power button located on Pepper’s upper abdomen. Pepper will make a noise that sounds almost like a sigh—and then will go into a resting position. Next, open the charging hatch on the base to unlock Pepper's wheels. Then, place one hand on Pepper's shoulder and the other on the hip. Now, gently roll Pepper. Once you're done, wake Pepper up by placing your hand over the head sensor.
How can I reset Pepper to factory settings?
Just click on the Factory Reset button on the Pepper webpage.
How can I install a new App
Step 1: Connect to the store ( then choose applications/Pepper [this "step" wasn't apparent to me on the webpage] Step 2: Click on the application to install Step 3: Click the checkbox to accept the terms of use of the application Step 4: Click the install button. The application will be installed at the next Pepper update.
Is Marlin a direct lender?
Yes, Marlin is a direct lender. They fund their business through our wholly owned subsidiary, Marlin Business Bank®.
Does Marlin Business Services offer SBA loans?
Sorry to say, no, Marlin does not offer SBA loans.
What is the average turnaround time for approvals?
It’s all based on the dollar amount borrowed. The average turnaround time for established operator approvals is: • Under $50,000 = within 2 hours • $50,000–$100,000 = 2–4 hours • Over $100,000 = 1–2 business days
How does the robot update applications?
The robot automatically downloads the updates, so you don't have to ask the robot to do it. However you will have to reboot it to install them.
How can I change the language of my robot?
Your robot comes with one default language. To switch to another language, you can: a) Ask the robot in its current language to speak another language. This will only work if you have another language package pre-programmed on the robot. b) Change the language directly from the Robot page. If the language you want to use is not a default language, please contact Customer Care to order a new language package.
Can the robot see in the dark?
Neither Pepper nor NAO robots can see in the dark, but their lasers allow them to detect obstacles. To prevent accidents, it is recommended to always use the robot in a correctly lit environment.
Can I control Pepper remotely?
You can! Pepper's easy-to-use content management system (CMS) allows you to control how Pepper greets your customers—all from the convenience of your laptop.
Is there a certain surface Pepper should be on?
Pepper works best on hard, flat surfaces. Best to avoid things like carpets, concrete, or tiles.
Can I use Pepper without a computer?
Of course! Once applications are loaded onto Pepper, your computer is no longer necessary. That being said, there will often be times you'll need to program Pepper from afar.
Is Pepper always recording?
Up to you. You can set Pepper to remember every interaction or just specific ones.
Can Pepper learn new languages?
Pepper comes with one standard language but you can always buy additional language packs.
Does Pepper keep my personal information safe?
Absolutely. We firmly believe that your privacy must remain just that—private. Check out our Privacy Policy here:
What number should I call if I need to quickly get in touch for robot support?
Call the number related to your region: Americas: 844‑737‑7371
Can the robot carry objects?
The robot cannot carry objects—we designed Pepper and NAO to gesticulate, hug, and express themselves only.
What is Autonomous Life?
Autonomous Life is the application that makes Pepper and NAO work as autonomous entities. Similar to a state machine, Autonomous Life runs in the background and keeps Pepper and NAO moving, aware of their surroundings, and enables Pepper and NAO to shut down correctly in case of emergencies.
Do I need robotic skills to use the robot?
No, you don't need robotics skills to use our products. At SoftBank Robotics, we create robots that help people and design them so that they can be easily used by anyone.
What collateral does Marlin Business Services require?
Collateral is the equipment being financed. Meaning, your robot.
What are the terms?
Typically 24–72 months (or two to six years if you’re a robot). It all depends on the financing purpose and the applicant’s credit.
Who handles loans for Pepper?
Think of Marlin as Pepper’s personal finance guy. Marlin Business Services Corp.® is a publicly traded bank holding company (NASDAQ: MRLN) that specializes in innovative equipment financing solutions as well as working capital loans for small to mid-size businesses.
Which programming languages can I use on Pepper?
Java, C++, Python, and Android.
Will my applications for NAO work on Pepper?
While both robots have similar operating systems, applications need to be reprogrammed to work within each due to differences in hardware and software.
Can I teach my Pepper to do new things?
Turns out, you can teach a robot new tricks. Pepper can be programmed in an app called Choregraphe or through a number of SDKs. For more information, check out:
Is the software for Pepper open source?
While certain aspects of Pepper must remain closed source (such as HAL, firmware, and OS) in order to prevent damage to the Robot, we do provide public APIs and SDKs under our End User License Agreement:
What is the Developer Program?
The Developer Program is a set of resources and services that will enable you to develop, submit, validate, publish, and sell robotics applications. In the short term, you will get access to development tools such as Choregraphe, SDK, sample code, and sample application. In the near future, you will be able to showcase your work, get feedback, share experiences, and foster new ideas with our robot users community and also validate, distribute, and sell your applications to thousands of robot users around the world. For more information please visit:
How do I get my Choregraphe and SDK licenses?
Go to the download section of the Developer Portal. Under the Choregraphe section for each robot there is a license key that can be inserted during installation.
What is Choregraphe?
Choregraphe is a multiplatform desktop application, allowing you to create animations, behaviors, and dialogs; test them on a simulated robot or directly on a real one, and monitor/control your robot without having to write a single line of code.
What is "OGNAK GNUK" and "GNUK GNUK"?
These mean "Hello" and "Goodbye" in Bidi, the language used by robots.

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