A Whiz at commercial cleaning.

A fully autonomous vacuum sweeper, Whiz completely reinvents commercial carpet cleaning, using a trusted AI platform to deliver a higher quality, more efficient clean, with proof of performance.


With Whiz, SoftBank brings leading robotics expertise to the cleaning industry, ensuring effortless adoption, proven performance, and rapid return on investment.

Only Whiz:

Navigates complex, changing environments.

Small, agile, and intelligent, Whiz can easily maneuver around obstacles — and keep out of the way of passing people.

Delivers measurable cleaning performance.

The first vacuum sweeper that offers hard data about each clean, Whiz shows clients how, when, and where cleaning was performed.

Makes life better for your workforce.

Whiz doesn't just save employees time, it makes their jobs more rewarding — with less boring, repetitive, injury-inducing work. And that means less turnover for you.

Reinvents the cleaning equipment pricing model.

At SoftBank Robotics, we believe our relationship should be more than transactional. We're your partner for the long haul, with a SaaS model that helps you stay ahead of change and drive new value.

See how Whiz pays for itself —and benefits your business —with our ROI Calculator.

Teach Whiz once, and it’s off and running.

Getting started with Whiz is easy: Use Whiz to clean a space one time, and from there on out, it can run the same route on its own — no downtime, no extra work required.

Discover Whiz for commercial cleaning

Whiz delivers a higher-quality clean.

Automating the process of vacuuming halls and common areas, Whiz increases cleaning consistency and frequency, while standardizing the cleaning process across teams. Whiz also collects data about each clean to confirm cleaning performance - and to get more efficient and effective over time.

Whiz helps your team do more.

On average, vacuuming takes up 30% of total cleaning time. By offloading the job to Whiz, teams can be more productive than ever, with more time to focus on higher-value work that often goes neglected. This can be a great opportunity to level-up the services you offer – and drive new income.

What makes Whiz tick?

BrainCorp is the robotics industry's leading provider of intelligent, self-driving technology. Powered by BrainOS, Brain Corp's commercial operating system, Whiz is capable of navigating complex and dynamic environments autonomously, while ensuring the highest levels of cleaning performance and safety.

Brought to you by the leader in robotics, 
Whiz brings a completely different experience to the cleaning industry.

Easy to use

User friendly, Whiz works right out of the box, so teams can start benefiting right away.

Cover more ground

Whiz learns all the routes your team needs — and cleans up to 15,000 square feet per charge.

Real-time alerts

A notification pager alerts your team when Whiz is done — or if it needs a hand.

Safety and performance

Whiz autonomously avoids people, glass walls, cliffs, and other hazards.

Autonomous and manual modes

Let Whiz do the work, or take control when you need to.

Confirmed clean

WhizConnect delivers robust cleaning performance data that can easily be shared with critical stakeholders.

Size 18.6 in x 17.9 in x 25.7 in
Battery Lithium ion; 23.7 Ah, 25.2V
Run Time 3 hours on a single charge; swap battery included
Dust Bag Capacity 4.0 L dust bag
HEPA Filtration Yes
Noise Level Normal mode 62 db
Consumable Parts Battery, battery charger, HEPA filters, dust bag, brush, home location code
Machine Weight 66 lbs
Cleaning Productivity 5000 ft2- 6000 ft2/ hour
Max Speed 1.1 mph

Data-driven cleaning:
The key to a confirmed clean.

WhizConnect brings analytics to cleaning, helping you actively demonstrate cleaning efficiency to stakeholders. With intuitive nightly reports, you can see how, when, and where cleaning was performed, uncover opportunities for route optimization, and more.

Whiz can brighten up any business.

From commercial offices to hotels to airports, Whiz helps you increase tenant satisfaction, drive up property values, and ensure peak NOI. Delivering consistent, confirmed cleanliness – even in high-traffic areas, Whiz makes it easy to put your best face forward – and position yourself as an innovative brand.

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Case Study

A better clean. Greater productivity. Happier guests. See how Whiz helped the Hilton Garden Inn in Gilroy.

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