Sep 14, 2022 / AUS / Solution

Smart, Safe and Sustainable: Meet Scrubber 50 the AI-powered Robot Revolutionising Facility Cleaning in Australia

SoftBank Robotics Australia Introduces New Innovations in Large Scale Cleaning

SYDNEY, Australia, September 14, 2022 – SoftBank Robotics Australia has today announced Scrubber 50, developed by Gausium Robotics at ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo in Sydney on 14 September. Supplied by GERMii Australia, Scrubber 50 is set to address staffing issues and help revitalise the cleaning and facility management industries in Australia.

Scrubber 50 is a fully automated AI-powered floor cleaning robot equipped with a large collection of sensors, including 6 cameras (3D/2D) and a LiDAR sensor, for keeping fall prevention and collision detection. It can automatically detect and avoid people, obstacles, and other objects while cleaning, ensuring no disruption to its service or those around it. The Scrubber 50 runs on a large 60Ah lithium-ion battery to ensure high productivity on a single charge. Featuring a fully integrated working station, Scrubber 50 automatically docks itself to charge its batteries and to empty and rinse its tank so that it’s set up ready to go on next use. It also features an environmentally friendly design with four filters mounted inside the robot that can filter collected waste into fresh water to reuse for cleaning.

The new robot requires low level maintenance and is easily monitored by operators through an interactive Fleet Management System that records performance and cleaning reports in real time. Lift integration is a new feature that allows zone cleaning so that Scrubber 50 can clean multiple levels of a building autonomously, making it suitable for use in a range of facilities, including commercial facilities, warehouses, offices, supermarkets, hotels, and hospitals.

Kenichi Yoshida, Chief Business Officer, SoftBank Robotics Group Corp.
said, “SoftBank Robotics is committed to leveraging the best new and emerging technological innovations to provide solutions for today’s problems. It is increasingly important to find smart solutions to support businesses, employees and members of the public alike to accelerate productivity. We are pleased to debut Scrubber 50 at the ISSA Exhibition in Australia. With robotics we have the power of AI and automation to enable us to meet the demands of this new world.”

Allen Zhang, Chief of Overseas Business, Gausium Robotics adds: “At Gausium, our solutions are developed to improve all elements of facilities management by streamlining efficiencies, saving costs and supporting the workforce to upskill and increase productivity. Our products are best in class when it comes to combining navigation with artificial intelligence. We are so pleased to work with SoftBank Robotics to bring this innovation to Australia.”

As the Scrubber 50 supplier in Australia, GERMii Australia is working closely with customers across the facilities management industry to help fill service gaps. “GERMii is a 100% Australian owned technology and services company, and we’re seeing first-hand the impact that the staff and skills shortage is having on our customers in all industries,” said Harold Van Haltren, CEO, GERMii Australia. “We are committed to delivering solutions that utilise AI technology to increase productivity by making better use of the limited labour pool available. Having a cobot, or AI co-worker, perform regular, routine duties supports existing staff and delivers longer term productivity gains for the business. The Scrubber 50 exceeded expectations in pre-launch trial and we can’t wait to roll it out more widely.”

Gausium Robotics
Gausium Robotics innovates cleaning robots to help facility owners clean and manage their facilities through technology to save costs, upskill the workforce and increase overall productivity. Gausium Robotics yields unrivalled robotics solutions grounded on its technological edge in navigation and artificial intelligence. Its autonomous cleaning robots can be found in thousands of commercial, institutional and industrial facilities across 43 countries and regions, with a cleaning distance amounting to 150 million kilometers.

GERMii Australia
GERMii is an Australian headquartered engineering science and innovation company, driving exciting change in the fight against pathogens such as COVID-19 through the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of market first UV-C technology. GERMii is changing the way organisations tackle pathogen mitigation, removing the need for harsh chemicals and antivirals with clinically proven, independently verified UV-C handhelds, robotics modules, autoclave chambers and air conditioning technology. GERMii’s Robotics division is tackling staffing and productivity challenges in Australia and abroad through the integration of smart cobots, that deliver automation to support not replace humans, allowing staff to focus on more human centric tasks and deliver better service to customers.