Oct 18, 2022 / Japan / Business

SoftBank Robotics Announces “Robot Integrator (RI) Strategy”

New products and services will utilize robotic operations data, along with its accumulated knowledge, and networks as a front runner in the robotics industries

TOKYO, October 18, 2022 – SoftBank Robotics Group Corp. (SBRG) today announced its new strategy as a “Robot Integrator (RI)” that provides comprehensive services for both robot manufacturers and various industries that are considering the robotics solutions.

SoftBank Robotics as a “Robot Integrator (RI)”
Creating new value by connecting people’s lives and businesses with robots and AI technology from around the world.

The global market for service robots was 2.741 trillion yen in 2021 (up 20% from the previous year), and is expected to more than double by 2030, reaching 5.7628 trillion yen*1. As society faces a variety of challenges and changes, the robotics industry needs to evolve beyond simply “making robots” to a new era of “being able to choose from a wide range of robots, mix and match robots for more customized solutions, enabling us to get the most out of their power for our future.”

As the pioneer in the industry of service robots, we have been developing our business as a “Robot Integrator (RI)” providing comprehensive services for both businesses considering robots to optimize their business and robotics manufacturers developing new products and services. We will lead this next phase of robotics with our knowledge accumulated through many trials and errors as an industry pioneer, a vast amount of robot operation data, and our wide global network as a member of the SoftBank Group.
*1 Professional Indoor Facility Mobility Robot global market report in 2022 from Fuji Keizai Group

Our core services as a “Robot Integrator (RI)”
1. Consulting services for users to introduce robotic solutions to enhance and optimize their business operations with digital transformation
2. Business support for robot makers: robot development, mass production, quality management and maintenance support
3. A proprietary data platform to facilitate optimization of the global robotics business

1. Consulting of robot introductions to enhance and optimize our client’s business operations with digital transformation
Our customers in the various industries are facing a variety of challenges. We propose optimal solutions using our cutting-edge robotics and AI solutions to support their robotic transformation, together with our vast accumulated knowledge, robot operation data, and global network.

Case study on Robot Transformation for office cleaning

We can also propose outsourcing solutions for their entire operation – from robotic transformation through our group companies and network if necessary.

Case study of smart facility cleaning through outsourcing solution

2. “Robot Support Service”
Support business for service robot development, mass production, quality control and maintenance support utilizing our vast amount of data and knowledge, in combination with our extensive network

We consult and offer support for robot developers and manufacturers, including product planning, development, mass production, quality control, and maintenance support, utilizing our knowledge, data, and global network as the World’s No.1 provider of indoor service robots for business use*2. We support robot manufacturers facing various challenges and even contribute to the revitalization of the entire robot industry.

*2 Becoming the global No.1 sales of Professional Indoor Facility Mobility Robots Market (Grand View Research “Professional Indoor Facility Mobility Robots MARKET ANALYSIS – CUSTOM REPORT, as of April, 2022)

3. “SoftBank Robotics Universal Data Platform”
Data platform to enable multiple robot collaboration for better efficiency of multiple robots

We developed a proprietary data platform to meet the needs of the market which requires the collaboration of multiple robots and services to operate different products through one single interface. The data accumulated through this platform will be used to: 1. improve the operational efficiency of the business with deployed robots, 2. propose dynamic solutions to customers who are considering installing robots, and 3. provide development, mass production, and maintenance support to robot manufacturers.